Transformation Thursday Week #4

Transf Th 4-1
This weeks Transformation Thursday was inspired by a new television series that many of my clients have fallen love with…. The Astronauts Wives Club. After watching the first episode, I know why. The clothes are stunning. The show takes place early 60’s. This time in fashion is very similar to the 50’s with less volume in the skirts, addition of pencil skirts and brighter floral patterns.The timing was perfect with the addition of some new beautiful pieces for the shop; silks, cocktail style, plaids, florals and even evening wear.
My stack of repairs was huge this week so decided to incorporate the photographic talents of Mike of who helps me a lot with classic photography for our shop. With the help of 2 exchange students (Chen Cui, Ruixuan Bai) from Clark College, 2 assistants Patricia Helms​ and Lillie Alsky​, and three beautiful silk pieces, we were able to create some fun after’s. These pieces just needed some minor adjustments.
Special thanks to one of my favorite fashionistas who is also my working neighbor and bartender at Low Bar. Introducing Michelle Marie. Her daughter Cali even came to play with us this morning.
I always love to get feedback to know which dresses you like most along with your favorite transformations. It helps guide me as I plan for the rest of this fun summer project. Like what you see? Once they are posted on Thursday night, they are available for sale the following morning! Enjoy!

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