Transformation Thursday Week #5

1980's Metallic Dress, Waist 28 in. $42

1980’s Metallic Dress, Waist 28 in. $42

Transformation Thursday Week #5. This was a fun week. Love how they turned out.
The whole idea behind Transformation Thursday is to take 10 pieces from the shop each week that just needs a little altering, usually taking sleeves off or length, to make it more modern, wearable and truly fashionable. This week we have classic pieces, fun summer rompers and a little rock and roll in honor of our annual Cruisin’ the Gut classic car show this Saturday in downtown Vancouver.
The rule is I can’t take more than 30 minutes per piece for the transformation. Sometimes, I just use a needle and thread to prove the point that anyone can do it! I take before pictures and sew on Tuesday and then photograph the transformed piece on my customers who get to play ‘model’ for the day. They are all just regular people!
Special thanks to my models this week: Alex Smith and Ember Kay Robertsonand guest photographer who took the images of Ember Kay Robertson. Each guest model did their own hair and make up.
I was fortunate enough to have Alex be one of our models as she came from Nashville TN to spend 3 weeks with family. Her parents have been family friends of ours for 20 years and we had the honor of holding Alex just after she was born 17 years ago. She has grown up into a beautiful young lady both inside and out. What a joy to be able to photograph her.
You are going to be seeing more of Miss Ember and her sister Tasha Kiri Robertson as they will start a shared internship at the shop. Together they make an incredible team!
Also props to our local jewelry artisan who takes vintage pieces and creates new jewelry. All one-of-a-kind and beautiful. Thank you Crystal Humble Lary of HumbleBug Jewelry.
As usual, I always enjoy hearing which transformation was your favorite. If you love what we are doing… always feel free to share. Enjoy!

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