Cocktails & Bubbles

CAB - Jess black dress duo
It is that time of year when we pull out our vintage COCKTAIL and little black dresses, fur pieces, elegant evening wear, sparkly jewelry AND of course some BUBBLES in the form of champagne. With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your special outfits!
Cocktails and Bubbles – PRIVATE EVENT is Thursday, November 1st, after hours. Only 15 ladies will be able to attend. Five per hour starting at 6:30pm. Tickets will be available Monday October 15th at noon. $10 per ticket in which that amount will be credited to your purchase day of event. Each hour we will bring out a new rack of 25+ vintage items; 8 coats (we have some stunning fur pieces this year) 12 dresses and 5 slips/lingerie.
Whatever doesn’t sell the first hour will be available the following 2 hours.
After the event, the following day, anyone can come in to see items that may not have sold during the event.  This is going to be so much fun!

This is our 4th year doing Cocktails and Bubbles. Each year I try to match up the style of clothing and accessories with a themed photo shoot. This year was a great one! I teamed up with a whole new group of local talents that worked hard to create some beautiful images.
It donned on me that if I am going to have my ladies in cocktail dresses, I should place them in a Cocktail Lounge which is what we did. Our good friends, Salty and Cindy own The Grocery Cocktail and Social – prohibition style cocktail lounge, 2 blocks down from our shop. Such a vibey, unique place with an outstanding assortment of craft cocktails, from-scratch food and a private whisky tasting room. They were so kind to allow us to come in early before their 2pm open
Here are a few behind the scenes shots….

Our photographer was Brian Barnicle who does a great job of combining photography and art. A different style then we have done in the past but I am loving it!
Hair and Make-up artist Mrs Cookie Beauty (Jena) did an incredible job. Her understanding of classic styles is incredible. So honored to work with her and excited to do more projects with this talented artist.
It is important that I choose models that fit the style of the garments while bringing life to it. Jessica, Bethany and Claire were my lovely ladies of the day and they did a superb job.

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