A nest build for a ‘big’ bird

What a day! Woke up early this morning to the sound of pouring rain and hail. Getting more and more worried with each toss and turn I decided to get up. The big question…. do I hope for the best or cancel the photo shoot for tomorrow knowing that today was the day to build props for out ‘nesting’ themed shoot. Praying for an ‘umbrella’ over our creative area along the Columbia River and photo shoot area, I decided to reach from inside every ounce of optimism and hope for the best.

I had a great group of friends offer their helping hands to create, all of which are part of our photo shoot (Kandie Smith – MUA, Ashley Ward – photographer, Tony Krois – creative artist). I had no pictures or drawings for them to create from, just the idea that if a bird can do it… so can we! Our base for the nests was simple chicken wire. Our challenge was making it for a person, not a bird. My friend Tony came with a truck full of weeping willow, flowers, grass and twigs. The fresh flowers will be added just before the shoot. I had originally wanted 2 nests since we have 4 photographers and 13 models. Decided to just focus on one large one that could seat 2. The amount of twigs for one nest was incredible! It took 4 of us to move it off the beach into the back of the truck. To get it to arch up around the side we had to tie in rope, wire and bungee cords. It took piles and piles of twigs to make this nest. The picture you see with Kandie in the center is 3/4 done so you will have to check in soon to see the actual photo shoot pictures in the next couple of days to see the final nest.

I have been dreaming up this ‘nesting’ concept for about 9 months. Can’t believe that tomorrow this idea is coming to fruition.  I was so excited to create the woodsy parasol. If you visit our shop you will see my collection of vintage/antique parasols hanging from the ceiling. I needed a special one for this shot that was beyond usable. Thankfully my friend Connie up the street at The Cat’s Pajamas Antiques (you have to visit this shop if you are ever in the area)  found the perfect ‘needing some love’ parasol for me. The weather was a challenge along The Mighty Columbia this morning. Holding an umbrella with heavy winds makes it quite difficult to create a ‘woodsy’ look. At moments I felt like I should be singing the soundtrack from Mary Poppins! For easier creating, I attached it to a tree. I started with slits in the cotton along each spine then added curly willow with wire. Then came more twigs, moss and black, cotton material from the cut-out portions from the original parasol.  I am confident that it will look great in the pictures but not confident that it would protect from rain.

It is now 6:30 pm. I have 3 collars to make, one pair of gloves to bead and all the dresses to iron. Minor details…. posting for my group of 13 models, 4 photographers, 2 assistants, hair stylist and 2 make up artists all the final details of our Sunday that will start at 6:45 am. Bottom line…. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people that embrace my crazy ideas AND that during our day of creating today, it only sprinkled twice!

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