Time to take a picture of our beautiful birds!

Nesting - BrittneyWhat a long and incredible day! I had the privilege of being surrounded by 13 beautiful models (Bridgette, Christina, Jessie, Jacque, Brittney, Morgan, Suzy, Alex, Amy, Charlotte, Tyler and Erik, Ashley), two MUA’s (Kandie and Abbie), Hair Artist Ashley, Creative Assistant and jewelry maker Tony, 3 photographers (Leslie of May Faith Photography, Ashley Ward and Annie Gould), and the whole crew from Simple Solitude Nail Salon. The weather got a little rainy at times but when it wasn’t raining… it was perfect for taking pictures along The Mighty Columbia. I tried to snap a few pictures from behind the scenes. The ‘real’ photographs will be coming in the days and weeks ahead. Previewed some and they are AMAZING! Enjoy!

As I was working on updating my site, I realized I didn’t give you the final pictures… Here you go!

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