Getting Ready – accessories

Almost to the finish line. All the dresses are done! I have two transformations to show you but you will have to wait until our photo shoot this Sunday. The dresses are so small that they don’t fit onto my small dress form. Need a real person to show off how beautiful these dresses are.

Me and my Bernina in a sea of tulle

Me and my Bernina in a sea of tulle

It has been a crazy week of making underskirts which means lots… and lots of tulle. I have been modifying square dancing skirts. Not an easy task! I decided to measure the length of one layer as I removed the lace from the original bottom layer, to then sew back on the lace to the new lower portion. Any guesses as to how many yards I had to remove and then put back? Guess higher… and guess higher again…. 38 yards! I have a new appreciation for these skirts and when I see one for less than $50, I will know that it is a deal. I ended up modifying 3 underskirts this week. I was sitting in a sea of tulle for what seemed an eternity.

gloveletesI have been busy beading, starching and gluing feather to make some fun whimsical collars for our ‘Nesting’ photo shoot and glovelets. The gloves are truly a labor of love as I hand sew on each pearl and bead. For those of you who like vintage gloves, you know that to find a pair of gloves that fits the modern ladies hand can be considered a miracle. As I find gloves in good condition, but to small, I remove the fingers, add vintage lace and beading to make a custom pair of glovelets. They sell faster than I can make them. I suppose this is a good problem. With wedding season right around the corner, I predict that they will be gone pretty quickly. The ones in this particular picture are my favorite pair to date. The vintage lace was hand crocheted and the pearls came from a broken necklace. All of which were hand sewn. Again, labor of love. I have completed  13 pairs with one set to tea dye and bead and one set to just bead. Guess what I am doing while working at the shop tomorrow?

nesting collarFor being a person who was never really into theatre productions, I have to say that I am drawn to going this direction with accessories. I love the drama and theatrics of Queen Elizabeth’s clothing and accessories. I have been having fun using extra pieces of vintage lace and jewelry to make these collars. Throw in some feather and we have a collar fit for a Queen… of birds that is. I have two completed with a few more started. Who needs to sleep!

Can’t wait for you to see the final ‘look’ from our photo shoot in 3 days. Weather prediction is rain for the next seven and I am praying for a miracle. Taffeta and feather don’t do so well in the rain. Saturday is our day to make 2 human size bird nests and a woodsy parasol. So thankful for friends who like to share in my crazy ideas. Talk to you Saturday night!

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