Spring into Color

bailey-set-1-8I don’t need much to be inspired to do a vintage editorial photo shoot. LOVE doing them! For example, this shoot started with model Faye’s pink hair that inspired bright colors using some of my vintage feathered hats and mod 60’s dresses. In two weeks, I modified vintage dresses and put together an incredible team to showcase them. Here are a few examples of the dresses, before and after (granted, some of the after’s have pinned hems). Special thanks to intern Sarah for helping model.

Some have just a simple hem and others hive a high-low hem. One of my favorites modifications was the pant suit dress into a short – jumpsuit dress. I was able to use the leftover fabric for additional headbands, belts and pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?

It has been a VERY WET spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The weather forecast looked abysmal as our shoot was planned to be shot at Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge. Forecast: 90% chance of rain all day. Had to make the call by 9pm the night prior since our crew was coming from different cities. Decided to have a little faith and go for it knowing that the forecast had been extremely wrong the last three days. It poured the whole drive there but we continued. Arrived at 10:30, unloaded, set up and started to shoot. What an incredible day! So glad we decided to go for it. It was cold and windy BUT, we had a patch of grey-blue sky above us all but 10 minutes of the day. As soon as we loaded up around 6, it started to rain once again. The grey skies, wet rocks and bright green moss gave the perfect backdrop for our shoot. Here are a few behind the scenes shots as our team got ready.

I am honored and blessed to be surrounded  by talented, creative people. Without them I just have ideas and dresses. Our ‘Spring into Color’ team: Photographer – Mike Helms of Totally Captivating, Models  – Patricia Helms, Bailey O’Bar, Faye Rowland. Hair – Kristen Johnson. Make-up – Madeline Qi. Photo Assistant – Alexandra Noble. Bird (Bernie and Sunshine) Momma – Jennifer Wyld
Are you ready?

During First Friday, April 1, 2-16, 5-9pm, I will one of 9 Couve Couture Alumni Designers doing trunk shows downtown Vancouver WA. I will be showcasing images from this shoot along with selling the one-of-a-kind modified vintage dresses and floral headpieces.
Within 6 blocks you can meet local designers and potentially purchase some of their creations from past shows along with new collections they are working on. Going to be a great night downtown! You can find out more about the night at http://couvecouture.com or on the Couve Couture Facebook page. Feel free to e-mail or stop by the shop if you have any questions.

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