Through the Decades: Women’s Shoes

This week, I am excited to share that we will be focusing on the various types of shoes throughout the decades.

Shoes have continuously been a fun necessity to any outfit. With so many types, one never struggles to find a pair of shoes that works with their personality and personal style. As the old saying goes, “a girl can never have too many shoes.”


Let’s start with the 20s.

Oxford shoes were not only popular for men during this time. Multiple variations existed and were popular for woman. Some styles had heels and some without. The main detail was in the suede and perforated detailing. All had laces.


1930s: The popular shoe style of the 20s carried through to the 30s. However, this time Oxfords were made without laces! The dressy style that they once were, transformed to slip-ons. Heels still remained around the same height (1 or 1.5 inches), and they still offered support to women who were on their feet all day long. Lastly, two-toned shoes (once popular for men’s shoes) become popular for women in neutral colors.


1940s: With skirts becoming shorter and more popular, women were naturally paying more attention to their shoes. Heels on shoes were getting taller by a couple inches, and dressy oxfords were still worn. One very popular shoe style during this time period was cluded pumps (pictured below).

1930s shoe fashions - formal afternoon heels


1950s: Shoe trends started to turn and new styles started to emerge that were quite different than what was popular to this point. Open-toed shoes, ankle straps, sling-backs and higher heeled sandals were among many new shoe trends for formal events. More casual shoe styles were also introduced. Sneakers,moccasins, flat ballet slippers were a few. The stiletto was also invented as a miraculous new fashion shoe trend for women during this time and remains a fashion statement today.


1960s: The 1960’s were all about boots! Of various shapes and sizes. Boots were first developed to be worn during the cold months, but shortly became a fashionable way to wear year-round. Some wore them ankle length and some wore them calf high. As people wear boots with leggings today, back then they wore boots with “stretch pants”. Various styles of boots and colors were created throughout the 60s.


1970s: Once again, the heels started getting higher as the skirts got shorter during this time. Toes became more rounded, and the almond shape shoe was developed. The platform heel became a huge trend. Platforms could range from very small to enormous. The bigger the platform, the more attention that you received. Women also began wearing clogs with wooden soles for comfort.


1980s: The 80s brought neon colors and high tops of various styles of shoes, as fitness became more important during this decade. It is a known fact that the 80s is the most recognizable time period in shoes.


From the 80s to today, shoe designers have created various types and styles of shoes. Most designers today base their creations on styles that have succeeded in the past. As history repeats itself, so does shoe styles! Come check out the many shoe styles available in our store! Thanks for reading!


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