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Our business, Most Everything Vintage is growing in all kinds of ways! Our mission is to be an adoption agency for things. To wash, mend and dry clean making them look presentable for their next chapter in life and to up-cycle when possible. Outdated fashion turned modern day statement pieces. From short pants to knickerbockers and bow ties, unwearable Pendleton shirts to Santa hats, antique lace trim to chokers, vintage jewelry pieces to 20’s headpieces and mismatched earrings to magnets. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
As our business grows the need for local alterations grows. Vintage clothing (30+ years old) tends to be much smaller. Why? Two main factors. #1. pre-hormones in food resulting in taller, generally bigger people. Heads are bigger, arms and legs are longer and feet are bigger. Average shoe size for a woman in the 50’s was a size 5. #2. Corsets. Women from an early age had years of waist training resulting in a smaller waist around 25 inches and a larger bust since everything was pushed up. Garments were designed with the corset and hourglass in mind.
Many times when a client tries on a vintage piece, whether it be a dress or pants, it has to be altered to fit a modern day body. As I would call local alteration businesses only to find they were booked out several months, it meant I had to alter the piece myself. As I was altering more and more, my pile of mending and little fix-it’s was growing. I decided it was time to bring in an in-house alterations person to Most Everything Vintage. The person for the job came along my path at just the right time. I needed someone who could not only alter but who could create 50’s inspired pieces for women. The 1950’s is the most popular decade desired when someone walks in the door looking for something specific. True vintage 50’s clothing is getting harder to find and when I do, it is small in size. Thankfully, Amy embodies the 50’s. Her dresses, from day to cocktail, and swimsuits will be available Summer ’17. Pieces will be made to fit the client in almost every size.
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Here is Amy’s story…
When I was a small girl, I would carefully turn the pages of a memory book my grandmother, a seamstress, kept with pictures of a figure skater for whom she made costumes. On the opposite side of the page were swatches of the fabrics she used for them. As I sat feeling the textures of the different materials, I imagined the lives of the people she sewed for. Watching her piece patterns and witnessing them transform into an outfit, I knew that I wanted to create such wonders for others as well. She assigned me deeds that suited my small, flexible fingers, and as I grew I learned as much as she could teach me. Grandma made the better part of my clothing, but what I loved the most were the Halloween costumes. I became fascinated by the idea of transforming the ordinary, every day into an event, and began making character costumes in high school. Pursuing my love of vintage clothing, I began collecting old patterns and creating a 50’s style look for myself. I went on to sew burlesque costumes and started making and upcycling custom clothing for all types of occasions. My clients often told me that my conjured creations were magical, so I became The Stitch Witch, somewhere between Bewitched’s Samantha and Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. My services to our community include custom dress and costume making, unique fashion accessories, and alterations or repairs large or small. I specialize in 50’s and pin-up styles for contemporary bodies. Stop by with that outfit you would love to put back on, or bring me your ideas for customizing your own perfect look and let’s see what magic I can conjure for you! Amy is available at Most Everything Vintage, 815 Washington Street, Vancouver WA, Saturday’s 12-4, Tuesday’s 3-6 and Tuesday’s 6-8 appointment only.
Have you bought some special pieces (vintage or modern) thinking you would get them altered but never did? Now is your time! Set up an appointment and call/text  #661-917-7927 or email
Here is the pricing for alterations. Call if you have any questions.

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