Found Objects

Every week we hit the road in hopes of finding that one of a kind item. Here are pictures of some of our favorite finds. All are for purchase in our store, however, if you are interested in purchasing any of these items before anyone can get their hands on them, e-mail us at

November 15, 2010: Military issue navy blue, wool pea coat. Excellent condition!

November 24, 2o10: This was the week of vintage furniture finds. We found a pair of 1950’s Jamestown Lounge Ind. chairs. Terrific condition. $150.00/pair

January 26, 2011 We absolutely love the style of 1960’s furniture. We were thrilled to find this couch in great condition. It looks like it came straight off the set of Mad Men. It can be yours for $475. If you look close you will also see a 60’s floor lamp ($115) and in front, a new to us coffee table with adorable ceramic owls on top.

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Need an old Typewriter or your very own Trav-L-Bar?  The Brother t ypewriter is in great condition, just needs a new ribbon. Small enough to carry just about anywhere. You don’t need a wi-fi code at your local coffee shop for this one! I can pretty much guarantee you that the sound of the keys will clear out the cafe and you can have the place to yourself. Only $20. The Trav-L-Bar is from the 60’s and in amazing shape. Now you can have your own personal mini-bar anywhere you go. Don’t know that the boss will like it too much. Who knows, you might get a raise for bringing it to work. The right side of the case has straps to hold in the bottles of alcohol and the outside has a padded black and white vinyl front. Even comes with a key to lock your personal bar from those co-workers who think they can serve themselves. Only $58.



  1. I have a beautiful, used twice set for 12 people vintage set Sango china. You consign on this sort of thing?

    • Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for thinking of us. Over the years we have moved more into vintage clothing and accessories. China tends to sit for a long time in my shop. There are a few other places downtown Vancouver that might be a good fit for your beautiful treasures. Main Street Vintage Home and Old Glory Antique Mall have 35-40 vendors each but occasionally they buy from the public. Sometimes the easiest way to sell is to peruse each place and find a vendor that has similar items. Usually each space has a business name or number you can contact.
      Good Luck!

  2. Hello, do you take in baby clothes?? I also have kimono made in Japan??

    • Hi! I have tried multiple times in the past to sell vintage baby and children clothing and have little to to nook. End up giving it away. You would probably have to take them to a specialty children resale location.
      For the kimono, I sell them every once in a while. Usually depends on the decade it is from, material and color/print. Feel free to text me a photo 503-453-9180 and I can let you know if it might be an option for us.
      Take care!

    • Hello.
      We have tried to sell children vintage clothes in the past but have had little success. You might want to try a children’s resale shop. For the Kimono it all depends on how old it is, the material, color and pattern. Feel free to e-mail me a picture or text 503-453-9180 and I can let you know if I have a customer base that might be interested.
      Have a great day!

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