July… What?

Oh my! How is it July 15th already. This year is flying by so fast and I am having a hard time keeping up . It has been a while since I have posted… sorry. Will try to be better. If you want to see ‘owl’ most everything we are bringing into the shop, follow us on instagram or facebook. Most items sell to our beautiful clientele before entering the shop through these social media platforms. Sizes and prices are given with a 48-hour hold option , AND/OR, availability for shipping.

Happy Birthday America!

Last year was a crazy year for ALL of us. To keep the business going and employees paid, we made about 4,000 masks along with mask & body sprays, kids masks, local designer screen printed masks and neck chains for masks made from up-cycled jewelry. These products became 35% of our sales for the year. WOW! As our states open up and you need a special non-disposable yet fashionable mask for work or a special event, we still have plenty to choose from. You might even find one with a matching scrunchie!

November & December, YOU and our incredible community stepped-up and supported our shop along with our downtown businesses in such a special way. SO THANKFUL! November will be our 11th anniversary and we wouldn’t be here without all this support.

Holiday months passed and 2021 began. In all honesty, I don’t think I have yet recovered from the intensity of 2020. Pressure to succeed while keeping the business going, keeping full-paid employees AND sew/make a product that people would buy working 60-80 hours a week. I am tired but I am also really excited for what lies ahead. Lots of ideas and local collaborations in the works to create some lovely products for the shop.

No longer needing to make masks I blew the dust off my camera to do a few shoots. Our annual MAD ABOUT PLAID shoot is coming up and super excited to share the images. Lots of knickerbockers to make and outfits to prepare.

It’s been fun to be able to sew something other than a mask. Enjoying getting back into ‘Transformation Thursday’ as I take something unwearable and give it a new chance at life. If there is a ‘chance’ that I can save these beautiful items from the dumpster/landfill, then I will give it my best try. Plus, its a lot of fun to challenge myself.

Jamie and I (Alisa) have been busy processing some great vintage estates. Washing, dry cleaning, ironing, researching, pricing (we even make our own tags) and getting ready for our BIGGEST day of the YEAR… MAD ABOUT PLAID! I feel like I say this every year but this year is over-the-top the best collection we have ever had. This will be our 7th annual event which will be held August 15th. If you want first pick of fabulous wool, plaid, tweed, mohair, cashmere, fur, faux fur, and leather pieces then mark your calendar for August 3rd when TICKETS go on sale at 10am. $10 each which will be refunded back to you day of event with your purchase. Basically, we work all night August 14th and switch over the store so that when you come in on Sunday it is ready for FALL with 1,000 + vintage, PNW worthy pieces. If I have teased you right then you might be thinking, “how do I get a ticket?” I promise you that by the end of July you will have all the details.

A very full car after our last private vintage estate

Last but not least, we are NOT back to our ‘normal’ sales YET. Getting there and optimistic for our fashionable future. “HOW CAN I HELP?’ you might ask? We are so appreciative of any true vintage clothing donations as these help pay the bills and keep the doors open while allowing me to be creative. AND… SHOP LOCAL! Wherever you live, big or small town, support your local, independently owned businesses. The dollars you spend impact its local community in a HUGE way. If you choose to donate your vintage treasures to our shop, just let us know that you saw this post when you drop off. If the donated item is something that doesn’t work for the shop, we will find a home for your loved items.

slowly but surely our new view across from the shop

Major construction across the street started just before shut down. Adding a picture so you can see the development. Amazing all the growth that is happening downtown. Thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community.

Current hours: Sunday & Monday 12-4, Tuesday – Friday 11-5. We are excited for our new neighbors. Woody’s Taco’s has come back to downtown and is located right next to us and The Sedgewick (former Tommy O’s location) should be open any day. Can’t wait as they offer small plate foods from all over the world



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