Masks, Masks and More Masks


Wow! What a crazy 5 weeks it has been! We closed our doors to the public for walk-in retail March 20, 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic. I saw this as an opportunity to get some much needed sewing fix-it’s, clothing transformations, headpiece creations and scrunchies made from vintage fabric transformation remnants. Another project came from a nurse in Seattle who’s co-workers were in great need of nursing caps, so…. I put together a crew of 20 home sewers that each made 10-20 caps to be donated to Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.
The first week I posted my clothing transformations daily and thanks to my loyal and vintage loving clients on Instagram sold almost all immediately. March 26th I had heard a rumor from a good friend that the CDC would most likely be recommending that everyone wear masks outside their homes. This gave me a transformation idea- take a stained cotton vintage moo moo and turn it into a crop top,  2 nurses caps and 10 masks. I had no idea that this transformation would open ‘Pandora’s Box’ of mask making.

efd36af7-6742-408e-b373-02c5773861a1I posted this image on Instagram on Sunday and the floodgates opened up with mask requests. I had made about 20 from vintage fabrics thinking that people might like them but I had no idea! We sold out Monday-Wednesday and I was sewing 12-18 hours a day to keep up with sewing while delivering bags of masks to people in their cars and walking up to the post office for daily shipments.
I had a good supply of elastic due to stocking up to make scrunchies and vintage fabrics. The elastic got me through 189 masks and then I was out. Elastic was nowhere to be found so figured I was done until…. my H.S. friend Wendy delivered nursing caps. She thought to throw in some random elastic (35+ yards) and I was back in business. She happened to have another 40 yards that I picked up the following week and due to me mentioning that I might be done sewing masks due to no elastic another friend showed up with 80 yards. I am now at mask #425 with 40 more yards coming in the mail this next week! This project has actually been a lot of fun.

Knowing I needed to change my display window I decided to have a little fun putting masks on all my mannequins. Even coordinated masks and neck ties. Happy to see people on the sidewalk enjoying it. “If you are going to wear a mask, make it fashionable!”

After hearing Washington Governor, Jay Inslee today it sounds like we won’t be able to have the shop open until the end of May/June 1. Trying to stay positive and hopeful but it can get tough. The reality is I have worked harder the last 5 weeks than ever before. I am so grateful for all our incredible and loyal clients who have shown so much support allowing us to keep the business going and Jamie and myself employed.

If you would like to purchase a mask you can follow us on Instagram , Facebook or you can text our shop phone 360-449-2130. When you message/text us we will send you pictures of fabric options so you can choose your favorite(s). You choose curbside delivery or shipping ($3) and we will email you an invoice to pay. Venmo is also an option.

Masks are $15 each and made with a minimum of 2 layers of cotton. It is folded in a way that it creates a pocket on the inside where you can add an extra layer of protection with tissue, paper towel, handkerchief, cut up cotton shirt, etc.

We hope you are doing well though all of this. It isn’t easy for anyone and we are all in it together. Looking forward to smiling without a mask on, going to the beach, dining with a friend, lots of hugs and having our shop open again.

Take care my friends!

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  1. I love all the creative energy you are putting into your shop. I’m a neighbor (VancouverCenter) who’s been staying inside since March 11 and will be ordering some of your masks. Hope you can keep them coming!!

    • Hi Betsy!!! I have been busier during this time if shut down and will be ready for a vacation when we can get the shop up and going again. It’s been a really fun project doing these masks. I have seen a lot and have a lot more to make!
      When you text the shop, 360-449-2130, Jamie will send you pictures of your options. A lot to choose from.
      Thank you for your support of small and local business🥰

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