Time to dream BIG!


Launchpad Video

It’s a new year and I am excited for what lies ahead. I am a dreamer for sure but as I get older I find I become more of a realist as to what I can actually accomplish. Owning a business is A LOT of hard work, BUT, when you do what you love it is so worth it.

Have YOU dreamed of opening your own retail business in downtown Vancouver? Now is the best time ever! If you haven’t visited our downtown, you need to stop by. So much growth, excitement and optimism for the future.

Vancouver Downtown Association is giving someone 40,000 reasons to open a business in the form of dollar bills! I wish I would have had this program when I was starting my business. To be given $40,000 in start up costs would have been unbelievably amazing! DEADLINE is January 31 (I know I am sharing this late but better late than never) so start dreaming and put together that business plan.

To learn all about the competition you can visit Vancouver Downtown Association

It was fun getting to be a part of this video from shots of me in the shop to video voiceover.



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