Happy Birthday America!

Four years ago we were invited to a private estate in Sandy, Oregon filled with late 60’s to 80’s clothing. We brought home over a thousand pieces (took three trips) and the amount of red, white and blue themed pieces was ALOT! These pieces inspired me to do our first editorial Happy Birthday America editorial photo shoot for our vintage shop and has become an annual photo shoot.
This year I had the privilege to photograph one of my lovely clients, Juliana Chau​. She is a petit bundle of joy, beauty, hugs and energy. When not going to college full-time she is working at The Grocery Cocktail & Social​

I have teamed up with an incredible local photographer named Dieter Zander. So far we have done three sets of photos; one morning in the park and two rooftop sunset shoots. These have been a lot of fun and we have more planned ahead. Keep checking your emails to read the full story in the weeks ahead. Here is a little teaser as we dressed Isabelle in red, white and blue for at least one set of shots.

If you are in need of some vintage red, white and blue…. come check out our fun supply for both ladies and gents!

Shop will be closed Wednesday the 4th but open regular hours the rest of the week (Sun & Mon 12-4, Tues-Sat 11-6)
Mark you calendar for First Friday July 6th, 6-9pm. We have an incredible local artist who has been painting limited edition owl ornaments. We figured we would do a little Christmas in July so that you could start your stockpile of gifts for the owl lover in your life. Pictures to come on Wednesday so watch for our e-mail.

Hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful 4th!


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