Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day is two weeks away, have you picked out your gift? Maybe your dad is no longer here with you, or your relationship is strained (that’s okay, think of this as  great gift guide for yourself or your co parent if you have fur babies, or gifts for grandpa or that positive male role model just to say thanks). We have loads, and loads of gifts for the guys on their day. We brought you our Mother’s Day gift guide, and so here is our Father’s Day gift guide for 2018!

We have a great assortment of vanity gifts for Father’s Day. No. 63 body wash, lotion, soap and shaving shops, Duke Cannon chapstick and hand lotion (with the ultra cool name Bloody Knuckles), our Brü hair products from our local barber in Vancouver Washington, and the ever popular Pre De Provence shaving soap and shaving brush. For all types of men that enjoy pampering. A great way to wrap these is in a gentleman’s handkerchief  or in one of our cigar boxes (as pictured below).


We also have some great colognes from Solid State and Duke Cannon in shop, with a variety of fragrances. These are great for traveling and are oil based instead of alcohol based.



Does dad like socks? We have lots of funky patterned socks! For every dad that loves colors, socks, goofy patterns and dad jokes.

6ED46CC6-307B-40AC-BA6E-CCF2CEA7F44FWe also have an assortment of vintage kitchen wear and cook books for the guy that enjoys cooking or barbuquring. It’s a great way to make this years fathers gift extra special (and get dad cooking some great food too)!



If your father  needs a new wallet, we have plenty new to us wallets and money clips, as well as hand tooled leather wallets and money clips by Kevin Kopke who was also our featured artist at our June First Friday. Why not stuff a little something extra inside one and add a Gift Certificate for the store? A great idea for the dad that loves vintage.

B184D6EC-ED8B-416A-A761-703AEC0715B8Is dad a music fanatic? We have ideas for you! Cool musical instrument tie clips, vintage records (not pictured), local band The Pearls CD and a super cool vintage German radio that works with just a couple of batteries popped in.


If you grab one of these fun tie clips (or one of our great other varieties in the store) why not slip it onto a vintage tie? We have loads of patters, styles and colors. While your at it, why not check out the assortment of bow ties, suspenders and bolo ties we have as well? Accessorize dad for the day!



We at Most Everything Vintage have all your needs for Father’s Day, as well as gift wrapping ideas. Come stop in and grab that special gift for that special guy.


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