Mother’s Day Gift Guide


C73E7614-A3DB-4179-B027-279D2B9AAD98Mother’s Day is a week away, have you gotten your gifts? Whether it’s for your mother, your grandmother, mother-in-law, or the the mama figures in your life, a little card and gift is a great way to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I appreciate you’. Here at Most Everything Vintage we have put together a gift guide for you. So whether you plan on giving a gift (or not, and instead see something you really like for yourself, which is also okay) here is our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

We currently have a promotion going on from now until Mother’s Day that if you spend $20 for mom you receive a free handkerchief. Handkerchiefs are wonderful… for runny noses, crumb collecting or even gift wrapping! It’s a great way to upcycle and give a gift inside a gift.





Here is our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide….

Vance Family Soy Candles make a lovely gift (ranging from sizes and prices $6.50 — $22), all made locally with soy, organic essential oils and cotton wicks. Wrap one or more in a scarf and top with a brooch (as pictured above on the left), or wrap a handkerchief around one of the smaller tins (pictured above on the top right). It makes for a fun and 100% waste free gift!

Or wrap a lovely tray stuffed with Pre De Provence lotions with a scarf and add a scarf clip to hold it all together. A fun and different way to wrap lotions (pictured above on the bottom right). We have tons of brooches and scarf clips in store, ready to be added to gifts in which ever way you’d like.





Another creative use for handkerchiefs is to wrap jewelry in them. Whether it be a necklace in a box (as pictured above on the top/ bottom left and bottom right), or tied around a sweet little jar (as pictured above on the top right). It is a delicate way to wrap up jewelry instead of traditional wrapping paper or gift bag.


Other options for gift ideas could be a clutch, with goodies stowed inside, such as a handkerchief and compact, with a beautiful scarf wrapped around (as pictured above left), or maybe some vintage beauty essentials for her vanity (like this set of three Bakelite pieces pictured above right). We also carry an assortment of perfume bottles which you can give empty or with your own concoction for a signature scent, wrapped in a handkerchief (as pictured above bottom left).

We have many other gift ideas in store such as chocolates made by our local chocolatetier, vases just waiting for a bouquet (what mom wouldn’t like a bouquet of flowers in a new vase?), all types of jewelry from true vintage to up cycled vintage creations by Humblebug Jewelry, perfumes, candles and lotions from France, locally designed handbags and camera straps made from vintage blankets and blouses in Guatemala, vintage sunglasses from Italy, Greece and France, socks from Italy (80% combed cotton and oh-so soft!) and handmade cards by owner of the shop Alisa, using pictures of the local Vancouver, Oregon and Washington area.  Whatever the style or preference  we can find the right gift for you and your special mom. Don’t forget to check out our instagram to see more great Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Let’s face it… mom’s can sometimes be hard to buy for. They have what they need or want and really, the best gift to give is time, love and a little thought. If you feel stuck, we do have gift certificates. Just let us know how we can help make this day a special day for mom! The shop will be open Mother’s Day 12-4.


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