May Flowers

May Flowers promo 3For those that live in the Pacific NW, you understand the rainy weather. This year the phrase ‘April showers’ was the weather for just about every day of the month. Every year we have hope that May will be filled with glorious sunshine and beautiful flowers.
Often I get a collection of clothes that falls within a theme. This theme? Floral dresses from the 50’s. Everything was falling into place with clients who would become models for the day, location, hair and make-up artists, photographers and assistants.
Usually I measure the dress and then find the model. The older the decade the smaller the dress. For this shoot I found the models first and ended up with dresses way too small. Fortunately I had extras but was still one dress short. Went out for a day of treasure hunting in hopes of finding the last piece of the puzzle but nothing was found. Decided to go through my very large fix-it rack and found the perfect one. Completely unwearable but after eight hours of stitching antique lace, silk flowers and pearls, I had a statement piece. Love how it turned out. First image is before and second is after.


One of my models had worked at Royal Ridges Retreat Horse Camp in Yakolt, WA. When I had mentioned to her the theme for the shoot, she quickly contacted the camp and within days we were checking out the location. It was beautiful! With it being a higher elevation, there was snow on the ground and fog in the air. The trees and moss were inspiring but my favorite part was watching the horses come from the hill as they came down to feed. I felt like I was in a scene from the movie ‘The Man from Snowy River.’ As the horses came down, I was able to start choosing which ones would work best for the shoot thinking in terms of stature and color to coordinate with the dresses. Charity Kays is the horse trainer of the 60+ horses and what an incredible lady she is. With our shoot planned for the last weekend in March, she brought in volunteers to wash and brush the five horses chosen. Couldn’t have done this shoot without her!


Our wonderful Team~
Models: Chris Castle, Joelle, Haily, Mike and Jess
Photographer: Taylor from Sharp Shutter Studio
Assistants: Dieter Zander and Julie Smith
Horse trainer: Charity Kays
Make-up: Kristen Johnson
Hair for Haily and Jess: Kristen Johnson
Hair for Chris, Mike and Joelle: Garret Olmstead owner of Locksmythe Salon
Vintage Clothing and Accessories: Most Everything Vintage
Styling: Alisa, owner of Most Everything Vintage

This shoot was intended to be our ‘April Showers bring May flowers’ in the form of dresses shoot but old man Winter decided to stick around a bit longer. I received a message the day before shooting that snow was falling at the camp. Knowing how much time I had invested in planning we decided the shoot must go on!
We broke this day into two concepts. The second set will be out for First Friday June 1st. Mark you calendar and plan a date to come by the shop where we will have the photos and clothing/accessories on display.
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do…. cheers!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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