Proud to Introduce…

What is better than the titallating sounds of Nova documentaries, the bold golden H that appears on the screen preparing you for the historical adventure your about to take when you turn on the History channel or the smell of a Bakelite bracelet? Maybe the last one is just me. Either way, there is something extremely captivating and alluring about history.

That little fact about history is something I know not to just “be me”. Becusase if it was, Most Everything Vintage wouldn’t be such a success.

Alisa has done something magical with her shop. A way to bring the grace and beauty of the past into modern people’s lives. Carefully selecting each piece and giving each loving care, she’s found new homes for little pieces of history. And what is more exhilarating than owning a little bit of history, something that has a story of it’s own and has seen so many past lives? Few things, in my opinion. But I may be a little biast, seeing as I got a degree in the subject of History.

Specifically Anglo Saxon history, 1 AD to just before the battle of Hastings in 1066, but my love for history expands throughout different decades. After an affinity for skipping classes and some Jedi mind tricks my professor pulled, I switched my degree to history, crammed four years into two and graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors of Art in History and a minor in Art History.

I wondered up to the PNW from the SW with my boyfriend. It was the appreciation of history that brought me to Alisa’s shop and how I found myself being able to share what I enjoy with others.

I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone different bits of history and fashion, how the world influenced it and how fashion influenced that world. How there were little unexpected bits that people didn’t know or refresh memories on topics. My goal by the end of this is to spark in each of you a joy for a bit of history, where it’s an appreciation for a specific time period, type of style, artifact or little detail you find interesting. That, and give you some good conversation pieces to dazzle your friends with at your next gathering.

My name is Tia and I look forward to meeting you as I run the shop Sunday’s and Monday’s 12-4! Check in each week for some ‘History of Fashion’, or if you would like, scroll to the bottom to sign up for e-mail updates.

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