A lighter and brighter ’18

It has been a very busy month! Many of you know that my husband is music producer and lead singer in a local band (Western Swing/Gypsy Jazz) style band called The Pearls. Of our 23+ years in marriage he has been performing for 22 of those all over the US. Thankful that for some of those tours I got to travel with the band as ‘merch-girl.’
Since starting our vintage shop (7+ years) I have taken the opportunity to do crazy projects and lists while he is away. I many times laugh at these lists because there is NO WAY that they could be completed. Well….. Tour started on Jan.1 as they headed to the Norway and Belgium. I created a list and a week into that list, I added two additional tasks; paint the shop and office and hang lights. This is where the ‘face-palm’ imogi fits in well.
When we first opened the shop we tried to choose colors that would work with any decade. This can be a challenge knowing that 70’s has earth tones, 80’s has neon colors and 50’s has pastels. We had chosen a deep grey and buttercream yellow. Loved our choices but over the years realized that the grey is soaking up the light. No matter how many lights we add, it doesn’t make a difference.
On a whim I took a trip to Home Depot and found a metallic line. Bought a gallon of pearl metallic. Most expensive paint I have ever purchased! Took it back to the shop and painted an area behind a piece of art on the wall in the darkest part of the shop. Instantly fell in love and went back for 5 more gallons, 5 gallons of primer to cover the grey and all the right brushes and rollers. 50 hours later, five coats of paint on each wall, many late nighters and lots of sore muscles painting walls 20 feet tall, I have a much lighter shop. Here are some before and during pictures of the shop.

In my head I think it is always going to take way less time. Oh, silly Alisa! Thankful for music, red wine, movies to watch and a local massage therapist to get me through this project. It was A LOT of work but if I had to do it over again, I would. Loving the final outcome and feel that my paint choice was perfect. Excited for you to see it.
To add to the paint, I asked a friend to come over and learn the art of re-wiring vintage pendant lights through on-line instruction videos. Three hours later we had some fantastic light to add to the shop. Wow, what a difference!
Here are some pictures after we put the shop back together. Still have a few more lights to do but will eventually get there. Maybe hubby’s next tour.

Took us a full day to get the shop back in order. While creating displays, including the front window, I was thankful for our loyal customers who understood the chaos as they entered and shopped.

Our final touch was LED lights around two frames in the window. Thankful for an amazing dad who had them shipped to me just in time to finish the project!
Stop by! Come see the changes. We look forward to seeing you soon as we start 2018 lighter and brighter.

Just in case you were wondering, I only have four more boxes to check before Patrick arrives home Tuesday morning at 3am. Wish me luck.



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