Dapper Pa’s and their Dapper Paws

About four years ago I started making adult bow ties for the shop. It started with one pair of too-short, 26″ inseam Pendleton pants. I decided to turn the pants into knickerbockers and sew up the remaining material into a matching bow tie. This became the theme for my third collection to walk down the runway at Couve Couture Fashion Show.

Since this show I have sewn lots and lots of knickerbockers and bow ties. Love being able to have unique one-of-a-kind items in the shop. One of my many goals with the shop is to throw as little away and recycle what I can. Jewelry pieces into headpieces and magnets and unwearable garments into wearable items.
A friend of mine had been getting into leatherwork and I thought he would be a good fit for First Friday Art Walk. Kevin, owner of Kopke Leatherworks agreed to be my featured artist and created items for a pop-up shop in December. Knowing that his creations would be good gift ideas for our dapper clients, we decided to showcase his leather work in the shop through December. He had mentioned that he was making leather doggie collars and I quickly thought about adding bow ties. In the last two weeks I have made 45 total ties. Just finished a custom matching order of four adult bow ties, dog and kitty tie. Had just enough material from a torn Pendleton plaid shirt to complete the order. Excited to see their family Christmas photo.

Somehow I was able to fit in a couple photo shoots last week of Dapper Pa’s with their Dapper Paw’s. Even added a matching scarf for one of the shots. The adult bow ties we keep year around. If the dog bow ties sell well, I will continue to make them for the shop.

If you still need some last minute gifts, come see us! Here is the link to our gift guide to see our collection. We will be open all week regular hours, 11-6 and on Christmas Eve, 11-4ish. To stay posted on new inventory coming into the shop and to have the option of placing a 24 hour hold on items or having items shipped, you can find us on Instagram. Just search for mosteverything and look for the owl.
Look forward to seeing you hopefully soon…. cheers!

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