Holiday Gift Guide ’17

Holiday 'gift Guide' photo copyAs the years go by and our unique vintage shop expands. Growing our ‘vintage lifestyle’ products and so excited for our holiday gift selection this year! Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for vintage wearable and usable’s. We have added some incredible local creators along with beautiful pieces from Europe.

Some of you have heard about Small Business Saturday. Always the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has always been a popular day as people stand in line for insane deals from BIG box stores. Small Business Saturday is about supporting your small, local businesses. As a small business, we are thankful for this special day.

I started making a list of ALL our local artisan creations that we carry in our shop. WOW! In the past 4 months we have added some incredible European companies (lotions, soaps, perfume, socks), local artisan creations, plus…. all the items I create for the store. The North Pole (our apartment) has been very busy this year!
So happy to present to you our wonderful and beautiful Holiday Gift Guide from Most Everything Vintage for most anyone in your life.

Creations by Alisa, a.k.a. me
I love to make items for the shop. With every year comes more and more items. One of my many goals with our store is to throw as little away as possible and recycle what I can; fabrics, buttons, trim, jewelry pieces, etc. With my skills as a creative (thank you mom and dad!) and a little resourcefulness, I am very happy to showcase my ‘North Pole’ creations.

Phone Scarves: I started creating these last Christmas season and sold out quick! I wanted to create a scarf that gave you style, warmth and purpose. This gives you all three! A scarf that keeps you warm around the neck, stylish in its many designs and fibers and a pocket for your phone, passport or wallet! Perfect for going out on a walk or slipping under a classic coat or blazer. The scarf pictured above (left) is a Pendleton Washington State Tartan that was created in 1991. Each color has a story and when you purchase one of these scarves, it comes with the story line attached. Oh, so limited!!!!! I only have three each of both the phone scarf and a standard scarf for this holiday season.
Made a total of 71 (20+materials) phone scarves for this year and have already sold 20 this week. A great, unique gift made above our shop and in the beautiful Pacific NW! Pendleton Phone Scarf $48 and all other phone scarves $42.

Standard Scarves and triangle scarves: I picked up a bin of beautiful wool fabrics last year and started to create standard scarves for our gents and triangle scarves for our extra stylish ladies. Having great success with this product, decided to find some softer fabrics that gives you a lighter fashionable look. Only 10 triangle scarves and 20 standard  scarves available this holiday season. Pendleton standard scarf $45 , All other standard scarves $28-$40


Bow Ties: I love that I get to sell these throughout the year. A great way for me to up-cycle bottoms of knickerbocker creations or skirt and dress alterations. Each are limited to one or two from each fabric. All are made from above our shop and with all the vintage buttons we can find. Each one is sized giving a plus one and minus one inch neck. Coming December 1st……. mini bow ties to attach to doggie collars and bow ties for our little dapper (toddler) gents! Standard gentlemen bowties $45

Tuxedo dress scarf with matching bow tie: Every once in a while I get a beautiful vintage fabric. This was an antique white Pendleton wool intended for something special. From this yardage I was able to make three sets of Tuxedo scarves and matching bow ties. Once they are gone… they are gone. $68 for the set.

IMG_846820’s headpieces and headbands: I love making these festive pieces. Have made 100’s over the past few years and with the year 2020 right around the corner, I know I will be making many more. Each unique piece has a substantial hair clip that can be worn alone or with one of my headbands. Clips range from $28 – $40 and headbands are $15 ea.

IMG_8465Floral fascinators: Just a little simple floral hair piece can transform an outfit. I you are going to a ‘tea’ or ‘Kentucky Derby’ themed event, these work great to add to your hair or to a simple hat. About 25 available in the shop and priced $12-$25


Chokers: I started making these last Spring. WOW! Had so much great success selling these creations. A great way to showcase vintage lace and jewelry pieces. Try to have each piece have a double use; from neck to garter or neck to headband. 15 in stock from $12-$24.


Santa Hats and headpieces: I started making these 4 years ago for SantaCon. Had no idea that these pieces would become a creative tradition each year. Occasionally, we have wool and Pendleton shirts come in that have a few too many moth bites. This has been a great way to up-cycle these incredible shirts giving them fun new festive stories to tell. 18 available this year, $18-$32.


Knickerbockers:  It all started with a pair of Pendleton, 26in. inseam pair of pants. Who is going to buy those? I thought it would be fun to turn them into a traditional style 20’s car riding/golf pant and send them down the runway for our annual fashion show. Now that we carry knee-high socks, the look is complete! 10 pairs available in the shop, $55 each.


Humblebug Jewelry: Locally made HumbleBug Jewelry​ by the oh-so-talented Crystal Humble Lary​. Made from discovered and up-cycled jewelry pieces. Our most popular pieces in the shop is from her book binding series made from ripped and torn book bindings. All one-of-a-kind and perfect for the book-lover in your life!


Babette’s Hatworks: What a joy it is to be surrounded by so many talented artists. Our local milliner (hat maker), Barbara Creager​ of Babette’s Hatworks, LLC​ makes the most incredible hats! We have a small collection in our shop along with her feather headbands and silk scarves. Barbara offers gift certificates which makes a great gift for someone looking for a very unique hat.
Special photo thanks: Photo by

IMG_8456Vance Family Soy Candles: Cannot say enough about this incredible product. Made here in beautiful Vancouver USA by the lovely Amy Meacham Vance. Vance Family Soy Candles is an all-natural product made of soy, organic essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) and cotton wicks. We carry a wonderful selection of their Christmas candles along with many other wonderful scents.


Fleur Chocolatte: Love chocolate? We have an incredible chocolate shop just 4 blocks up the street from our shop.
Excited to carry their truffles, cookies and owl chocolates though Valentines day. if you haven’t tasted the chocolate from Fleur Chocolatte, you haven’t tasted some of the best around!
We will be selling assorted boxes of 4 and 6 along with individually wrapped owl chocolates and chocolate dipped graham cookies starting November 24th.


Hats by Linda: Such fun, locally made stocking hats by Linda. Many different color options along with some SEAHAWKS color themed hats. $18-$20


Bru Pomade: I love that we get to carry this product! Locally created by our dapper barber up the street, Garrett Olmstead from Locksmythe Hair Salon. All natural products and produced right here in the Pacific NW.
We carry the full line of three pomades, an aftershave and shave cream.
Looking for the ultimate gift for the dapper man in your life? Garret and Locksmyth Salon (3 blocks up the street from our shop) has gift certificates. A cut, shave, trim and pamper for your man might just be the perfect present to give!


Maya Espiritu: Trilled to carry this locally designed product by Espiritu Maya Vintage Handbags​. Made from hand-loomed vintage blankets and blouses. The colors are beautiful and vibrant. The leather and the construction is incredible!
Currently carry in the shop: travel bags, carry-all cross body bags, smaller cross body bags, totes, camera straps, belts and soon to come……. Guitar straps!
All one-of-a-kind! A perfect gift.

wooden razor and brushRazor/brush maker: Looking for a very unique, locally made gift for your man? Brushes and razor made from Southern Oregon spalted maple wood. Brush heads are made from badger hair. Each razor comes with a pack of 10 german blades.
Brushes $40 and razors $50.
To complete the gift, we have two scents of French made face soap $13.95 each.


Pre de Provence Private Collection (france):
Lotion – We bought in this product from France about 4 months ago and they have become an incredible addition to our shop. Wonderful lotions with added shea butter. Incredible combinations of scents that will last you all day long. Private collection in gift box $18.95 each and ‘riche’ lotions for purse and travel $12 each.
AND…..French made candles made to match many of the lotions in the shop. Unique scents sure to put the ‘awww’ in your day. $22 each.
AND…..incredible fragrances from France in roller-ball form. The scents are incredible! Perfect gift for the classic lady in your life.
VALENSOLE: Sunlit lavender fields surround you in a full bloom bouquet with hints of nearly, osmanthus and cyclamen. Immerse yourself in juicy apricot and white currants blended with decadent nuances of plum, vanilla and amber.
PIERREVERT: Verdant fiields of green sparkle with glints of peppery notes enveloped by fruity mandarin and cassis. Romantic moments are captured in intoxicating roses and geranium lying in a soft bed of musk and vanilla.
EAU de PARFUM $32 each.


Pre de Provence #63 (france) mens collection: This French made product for our gents is incredible. Masculine fragrance with a peppery, citrus top note rounded by woody cedar wood, juicy plum and violet leaves that finish into an ambery base of leather and tobacco.
Excited to showcase their old-school shaving soap. bar soap. beard oil, shampoo and body wash and lotion. We have been collecting old cigar boxes so that you can create the perfect gift box – available December 2nd!


My Socks (Italy): Just in…. SOCKS from Italy!!!! So excited to carry #mysocks in the shop. 80% cotton in over-the-knee, knee-height (for all my knickerbocker lovin’ guys and gals) and dress socks. Fun patterns and colors $12-$15.
Only have a few in each design so hurry in. Perfect stocking for a stocking stuffer!

gift certificate
Last but not least
…. can’t decide what to get but know the recipient loves vintage? A gift certificate is a great gift to give. Available in any denomination with no expiration date.

Vintage can sometimes be hard to buy as a gift when dealing with style and size. Just know we have a shop (very) full of all kinds of wonderful true vintage clothing and accessory pieces to choose from for that special person on your list. Stop on by and we will see how we can help assist you!

generic-badge-altDid you know that businesses with less than five employees make up 62% of all businesses in the US?
I know many of you support your local small retailers, eateries and drinkeries. I encourage you to get out there and support small on this day and every day. By shopping ‘small’ every one of your hard working dollars goes back into your local economy while helping the dreams of those in your community.
Owning and operating a small business is a lot of work. I would say that every week I work between 60-80 hours. Yes, it’s work….. but I love it and am blessed to do what I love!
Downtown Vancouver is going to be a fun place to spend Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25th, 10am – 6pm. If you need a map of other small local businesses downtown, stop on by and we will take care of you.
Look forward to seeing you soon!




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