The Season for Wearing White

For those of you who may not already know, the general fashion rule-of-thumb is to wear white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This common rule is said to have started around the 1930s in the South where summer months were warmer, and white was the natural color worn to cool off. The ultra-rich would wear white clothing during that time period to represent the carefree summer feel, and to give off the look of leisure. When Labor Day marked the end of summer, whites were put away and darker clothing was worn by working individuals. Wearing white outside of the given time was said to have displayed rudeness.

Nowadays, wearing white for only a select time every year is not as prominent of a rule. Some may wear white during the off seasons, and not many (if any) may notice. However, most still follow it.

There is an exception to the rule that is still followed by all today…not wearing white to a wedding unless you are the bride. This means that for all those summer weddings, don’t follow the above rule!


Here at Most Everything Vintage, we are excited to kick off the season for wearing white! Don’t have that white summer sun dress, or is white lacking in your summer wardrobe? We have plenty new beautiful white pieces in the shop and we hope that you come check them out! Here are just a handful of them…

Hurry in (before Labor Day…) to stay cool in those warm summer temperatures by adding white to your closet today! Thanks for reading!


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