What is Boho?

Bohemian style; the essence of self-expression. Boho fashion introduced the idea that artists not only could center their lives around art, but dress as artwork.


Boho style fashion began as far back as in the 1820s. Creative enthusiasts were becoming more accepted, thanks to the evolvement of the Romantic Period. Artists became known as heroes of the time period for embracing their imagination and creating great works. Famous writers began to write of the term “bohemian”, comparing certain individuals to the wandering gypsies that originated in Bohemia at the time. Around the 1830s, artists began to embrace boho style, often wearing colorful fabrics, wide brimmed hats, and layered coats. An all-around look of dishevelment accurately describes their dress. The 19th century came along and, with it, new bohemian style emerged. By this time, more than the artists were catching on. Rebelling against the rigid constraints in clothing, and industrial changes of the time, individuals strove to encourage old techniques and hand crafted many of their clothes. Next arrived the 1960s and hippie culture. Hippie style carried some of the same elements as bohemian culture, such as mismatched clothes, loose and flowing hair, and natural fabrics. Sooner than later, bohemian style turned into boho-chic, as it is commonly referred to today. Now, it is highly common for any types of individuals to represent the “boho-chic” style, and rock it perhaps a bit better than before. Boho today is a wide range of styles meshed into one. Outfits may consist of the traditional styles above, as well as scarves, belts, variety of jewelry, ruffled edges, multiple types of hats and shoes. Boho style is increasingly becoming popular, a cultural norm as well. Bohemian fashion has gone as far as being represented in high fashion magazines and shows. Bohemians were once considered the starving artists of the time. Now, bohemian is strictly a type of fashion rather than the type of lifestyle it used to carry with it.

Here, at Most Everything, we used clothes and accessories from our shop to embrace the features of boho fashion for an editorial shoot. The outfits that we created consisted of locally made wide brimmed hats, layers of coats and sweaters, rich and earthy colors that are so widely recognized as boho. Although it was rainy outside at the time, we made the best of wood and brick backdrops indoors and gave boho a more classic look rather than the typical wispy and natural light photos that are commonly seen with this fashion style.

Here are a few behind the scene shots from our shoot.

We had such an incredible team for this shoot. Special thanks to our photographer, Mike Helms of Totally Captivating, Model: Maddi Lee, MUAH: Madeline Qi, Assistants: Sarah Westendorf and Patricia Helms and Styling by Alisa. Hats created by local milliner Barbara Creager of Babette’s Hatworks. All of the below photos along with the cover photo for this blog were taken by Mike with many more to come. To celebrate we will be showcasing all the images from this shoot along with clothing and accessories during Art Walk First Friday, February 5th, 6pm – 9pm.

I’m hoping this post has given inspiration to anyone considering to take on the bohemian fashion style! If individuals have been rocking boho fashion for this long, I’m sure you can too!



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