Help us celebrate 5 years in business!

cover-5How time flies! Hard to believe that our 5 year business anniversary is right around the corner.
Let’s go back a little
It was in the middle of the recession. After two, one hour long “I am sure I got the job” interviews, and not being hired that the realization came…. “Why am I continuing to do for others that I can and should do for myself?” My husband Patrick and I took our passion for vintage and creative business skills to create a new beginning. We, like so many others, had lost our home and couldn’t find work. November 16, 2010 (Owl) Most Everything was born.
Let’s go back a little further~
In 2001, I had opened my own photography studio and gallery after years of freelance photo artistry. September 11th was a day that forever changed our country. The world stopped and so did spending. I closed the doors of ‘Stonefield Photography’ in 2002 and moved forward with small business management. I was fortunate to work for owners that saw my skills and trusted me in running their businesses. Through effective management and creative marketing, I had great success growing each business. All of this helped lead me to where I am today. Patrick moved from being a touring musician to a full time producer leading him to a new studio for sale in Vancouver Washington. From day one at Ripcord Studio music was recorded by bands from all over the nation. It became quite the successful business until the sky fell in 2008. We go through life never expecting it and when it does, it is hard. The recession hurt many of us.
I have always said that if you have passion and gumption, you can do anything. Diligence and resourcefulness definitely helps. Here we are 5 years later and beyond thrilled to have our little vintage shop in beautiful downtown Vancouver and so thankful for the relationships we have built.
5 year anniv poster 2Here we are today~
We would like to invite you to our 5 year celebration – Sunday November 15, 2015 – 11am to 6pm. I will be bringing out all our vintage ‘little black dresses’ along with 5 of my private collection ‘vault’ pieces that are up for auction.
To make this celebration extra special, Barbara Creager of Babette’s Hatworks, LLCCrystal Humble Lary of HumbleBug Jewelry and Tasha Kiri Robertson with her photo stationary will be there. With the holiday season right around the corner, there are all kinds of wonderful gift options to be discovered – all locally made and perfect for the lover of vintage.
We did a ‘little black dress’ shoot a couple of weeks ago at The Academy to help promote our special event. So often the viewer only gets to see one or two of the favorites. All the images taken were incredible and I thought you would enjoy seeing them all. The team that came together for this was the best! I am surrounded by so many wonderful, creative, supportive and inside-and-out beautiful. As a vintage boutique owner it is a joy to take clothes off of hangers and tell a new story as each garment and accessory piece finds a new home and story to tell in life. To honor the original designer and owner is an honor as an ‘adoption agency for things.’ Just happy to know that if these garments could speak, they have had a fun new adventure in our shop.
Special thanks to the beautiful, funny and delightful Faye Rowland who embraced these two dresses and brought so much beauty to them. Of all the classic photographers our there, I am honored to know and work with Mike Helms of . An incredible, local photographer who loves the little details and tells a story through each and every one of his photographs… and to his lovely wife Patricia Helms who either assists or models depending on the needs of the photo shoot. When if comes to details, I am so thankful to the oh-so-talented Madeline Qi who sees my vision within a few pictures and a sentence knows the direction for hair and make-up. Thank you team for your desire and willingness to create moments of beauty and elegance and to tell a new story on this grand adventure we call life.

What’s next?~
We are so excited for what lies ahead for our business. If you follow our story (you can sign up for e-mail updates below), you will quickly notice my love for great fashion photos. I end up doing about five shoots a year and have already planned three for 2016. I took last year off as a designer for Couve Couture Fashion Show but watch out for me this upcoming Spring ’16 show!
Patrick helps me with keeping the shop stocked with quality and unique vintage finds. When not producing bands he stays busy with his own band ‘The Pearls‘ who plays locally in Vancouver and Portland along with occasional tours through the United States. They are almost done with their kickstarter campaign with a CD to follow Spring/Summer ’16.

We would love to have you come celebrate with us this Sunday. Plan a date and invite a friend. Photos along with sizes of ‘vault’ pieces to be auctioned off will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday) night with measurements. They will be available in the shop starting Wednesday for you to view and try on.

Cheers to 5 years and 5 years more!

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