Meet our Interns

This last June we started to expand our business on-line through Etsy and Ebay. With quick success I realized that I couldn’t keep up with all the photos that needed to be taken for on-line viewing. I had previously brought in Ember as a model for our Transformation Thursday project along with her sister Tasha who took her ‘transformed’ photos. A perfect team, 14 year old Ember loves to dress up in vintage clothes and 19 year old Tasha loves to take photos. They both strive to grow into having a life and career in fashion and art. My hope is that through this little experience they will learn more about their craft through modeling, styling, fashion photography and commercial editing while learning more about vintage designers, styles, fashion decades and on-line sales.

Meet Ember ~ “I am 14 I have always loved vintage fashion but part of what has sparked my recent interest in vintage fashion and life style other than ‘Most Everything’ has been Nancy Drew mystery novels, Marvels ‘Agent Carter’ and ‘The Astronaut Wives Club’ TV mini series and I hope to get to a point where I can sew my own vintage inspired clothes.” Since this little bio was written a month ago, Ember has designed and sewn some beautiful articles of clothes. So proud of her.
Ember measuringMeet Tasha ~ Tasha is nineteen and has been photographing as a passion for almost three years. She has a versatile set of skills, and has found success photographing fashion, sports, nature, portraits, and more, and hopes to continue pursuing a life of art. Tasha enjoys vintage fashion and has recently found inspiration from the TV shows Agent Carter and The Astronaut Wives Club. Her work is also featured by Art a la Carte and the Portland Quidditch League.
Ember and TashaThese two lovely ladies started in July. If you visit our shop on Wednesdays, you can see them in action as they photograph, model, edit, measure and research 10 vintage pieces per week. All of the pieces placed for sale on-line are also available in the shop. For those of you who are out of town and would like to see their creativity, or, potentially purchase a piece, you can visit our Etsy shop.
I thought it would be fun to post some of the current images posted on-line. I think you will agree that they have lots of talent and potential. So happy to be a part of their creative journey!

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