Transformation Thursday Week #6

Emma purple CUWell, here we go…. Transformation Thursday Week #6 at Most EverythingVintage. This was a fun week as Flowers and Hawaii were my muse. Hawaiian Festival in downtown Vancouver WA starts tomorrow night (July 24-25) and goes through Saturday. A fun two days!
I had the opportunity to work with two incredible young ladies as they brought beauty to these transformed pieces. Miss Emma Langley modeled 8 of the 9 pieces. What a doll! Just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She is going to be a sophomore in high school this upcoming fall. So full of joy, spunk, adventure, smiles to the moon and back, courage, love for fashion and desire to make the world a better place. Her smile is contagous and I loved every minute of my time photographing her these last two mornings. Thank you Emma!
My second model, Elizabeth Gabriel been interning with me for the summer. She will be a Senior in high school this fall. It takes a very special someone to be an assistant to a photographer or stylist……Elizabeth Gabriel is this someone! She knows my every need and knows how I would want it. She has such a big heart and desire to serve people. Can’t to wait to see where her journey in life takes her…. wherever it is… greatness. Thank you Elizabeth Gabriel!
Knowing I have to get ready for fall in the shop (oh, do I have the most amazing fall… wool, plaid and tweed! So excited!!!!) next week will be my last ‘Transformation Thursday.’ It has been such a fun summer, editorial project and who knows…. maybe I will have time to bring it back again.
For those of you seeing this for the first time, Transformation Thursday is a very quick turn-around of vintage modifications from our shop. The basic rule is that I can only take 30 minutes per piece to modify and sometimes it is only done with needle and thread to prove the point that anyone can do it! Before pictures are taken on Tuesday on a dress form and after transformation, on customers from my shop – Wednesday and Thursday before I open the shop. All pieces are then available for purchase on Friday morning.
Have fun looking. Let me know which ones are your favorites. If you like to share… go ahead and share the love of vintage fashion!
Before I forget. Can’t go without thanking our local jewelry artisan. Crystal Humble Lary of @Humblebug Jewelry who creates beautiful necklaces and earring from vintage pieces. All one-of-a-kind. The pieces show in these pictures are available in the shop. Enjoy!

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