Transformation Thursday Week #3

PD dress afterIt has been a fun week as I look for pieces that have a red, white and blue theme. Discovering that the 70’s was a very patriotic decade.
This is week #3 of Transformation Thursday in our shop where each week throughout the summer (excluding first Friday weeks for July and August) I will attempt to modify 10 pieces within 30 minutes for each. It is incredible how taking off sleeves or removing length can truly transform a piece to give it a modern, fun ‘look.’
So thankful for my customers who were willing to play the role of ‘model’ this week; Crystal Simone and Ember Kay Robertson. Both did a lovely job of embracing the feel of the decade and beauty of each piece.
Love having the opportunity to bring in young talent and give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities. This week is was local, up-and-comer photographer Tasha Kiri Robertson. You can see more of her work at and/or follow her on Instagram: alittlepurpleelephant

There is one dress that I would love to share more about just because it is so special. The blue dress with polka-dots came to me about 4 months ago and I knew right away it was very special…. A Fred Perlberg – dancing original dress from the late 40’s early 50’s. Fred Perlberg (1901-1991) began working in the New York fashion industry when he was sixteen. Three years later, at the age of nineteen, he started his own company (around 1920). Fred Perlberg Originals were mid-priced party and dance dresses and were marketed across the United States and Canada. Fred Perlberg retired in 1968, but the company continued with Roger Milot as the designer. I have two additional dresses of his in the shop and then are also GORGEOUS! When they move, they just float.
This was a ‘rescue’ dress. It was…. unfortunately…. put through the washing machine. This is where I sigh…… As a result, the lining was altered making it unwearable until fixed or modified. And this is when I adopted it. Took some time to iron but I knew it had more adventures to live and stories to tell. Took off the front bow and trimmed the lining in hopes of making it appear straight. I knew my young teen customer and store model, Ember, would absolutely love this dress knowing her admiration for 50’s fashion. So much fun seeing the smile on her face when I showed it to her. She brought it to life!
I hope you enjoy this weeks transformations and if you love what you see including accessories by local artist/creator Humblebug Jewelry and Shell Bell Vanity, all are available in the shop the following morning.  Feel free to click on our Facebook link to find out size and price details for each piece.

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