Transformation Thursday Week #1

Excited to start a fun summer project called ‘Transformation Thursday.’ This was week #1 where I take 10 pieces from the shop and have fun transforming them to a new, modern, summer look. The challenge is that I have to do each modification in under 30 minutes! Sometimes it is removing the sleeves or moving the hem up. Some is done on a sewing machine while other times with just a needle and thread. Like what you see? Throughout the summer I will post 10 each week on Thursday night and they will be available for purchase on Friday morning. Remember, there is only one of each so make sure to stop by soon!
Thank you Sarah Brianna Phelps and Rae Sheaffer for being my models this week.

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  1. That yellow dress is one of my favorites! The short black beaded dress I got last time I was home has been a hit. I’ll take pics next time and send them to you. Also, check out my blog Your store got a shout out a couple of weeks ago! Miss you!

  2. Wow all the dresses look so gorgeous !!!! 😀

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