From one year to the next – Hello 2015

Time goes by so quickly. Here we are five days into 2015! 2014 was an incredible year! I was stretched and I grew A LOT, learned some important lessons, met and worked with the greatest of people; designers, models, hair and make-up artists, car and property owners, hat makers and photographers and managed to co-produce Couve Couture Runway Fashion show and open a second vintage shop, 9 Street Vintage. Whew!…..all this may be why I have a few more grey hairs. Wouldn’t change a thing and I am so excited for what lies ahead in 2015. Our shop was a part of 13 photo shoots this last year. Some photos you have seen but many are in the ‘can’ for upcoming photo shows and advertising pieces for this next year. Thank you EVERYONE who helped in the 2014 creative process! I tried to choose my favorite from each shoot. Enjoy!

I have some BIG goals this year for the shop. For those of you who know me, I am a dreamer and I love to dream BIG! I learned that 12 shoots in one year is maybe too many so this year I will only be working on three to four themed shoots. Two I have planned for sure: 50’s and Wild West meets Victorian. I have quite a few pieces to create for the second one.

I will continue creating bow-ties from recycled wools along with my feathered animal masks and 20’s headpieces. If time allows, I will make some early 30’s headpieces that have more wiring and beads. So thankful for the encouragement and support I have received in my creations. They have been selling just as fast as I can make them!

We will once again be presenting and co-producing Couve Couture Spring Fashion Show on April 18th. This will be our biggest show yet allowing for 800 attendees, 12 designers and over 100 models with a runway on two floors! Since this show has gotten so big I will not be a designer in this year’s show. I know I will miss it when the runway music starts, however, the producer hat will be all consuming.

Publishing is a new realm for me. I have had the opportunity of having four of our past shoots be published in magazines. Small and independent but still a publication. Many times it is the photographer who finds the publishing but I want to learn how to get placed as the creator or clothing/accessory supplier. With two stores now and more depth within each decade just think of the possibilities!

We now have two shops. Hubby Patrick has his shop, 9 Street Vintage which is right around the corner (one wall separates our shops) from our original store. Patrick loves the funky, retro, rock-n-roll vintage styles while I am passionate about the classics ~ 20’s through mid 60’s. We each have our own playhouse. It has been so much fun sending customers back and forth as we help them find just the right vintage piece. Patrick is getting his shop dialed in with decor, displays and layout while staying true to his musical passions. In fact, mark your calendar for First Friday Downtown, February 6th 6-9pm, to hear his band, The Pearls, perform in the back portion of the new space. I am also working on my shop to give it a real classic feel with natural textures and recycled pieces for displays. I end this paragraph with the biggest goal of all…. to become the best vintage shops in downtown Vancouver and even the Portland area… to be the Voo Doo Doughnuts of Vintage!

Oh, before I forget, this is a great week to come say ‘hi’ at Most Everything. Next Monday we will start doing our yearly inventory so I decided that this week would be a good one to do an ‘I don’t want to count it!’ SALE! Jan. 6-10, 2015. Basically, for each article of clothing you purchase you can choose a special additional deal: pair of earrings for $4, choose a necklace for $5 or brooch for $6 (special excludes display case jewelry). There will be all kinds of home decor pieces and clothing on sale throughout the shop as well. I only have one of each item so don’t wait too long to come in.
Inventory Reduction Sale

We are thrilled to have all of you out there cheering us on. We couldn’t do this without you and our local community. We are honored to be a part of beautiful downtown Vancouver USA.


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