Home from our BIG shopping trip!

Pacific OceanWhat an incredible and crazy-busy week! Patrick and I left on Monday out to the coast for the first part of our BIG buying trip. Astoria was our hub as we traveled to Longbeach, Seaside and then through Tillamook. The weather was beautiful. Nice to get some fresh ‘sea’ air and experience life outside the shop. Our favorite stop was at the home of Kathi who owned a fully decorated Victorian home and had a stunning collection of 30’s to early 60’s ladies clothes. Many of these will be coming to the shop soon but they need to visit the local dry cleaner first. We also picked up some great hats and purses from her.
We came home Wednesday night at 11pm with a full car, unloaded and then woke early to head out to Sandy for our next private estate.
We never quite know what to expect when we are invited to one’s home to view their items. Sometimes we leave with very little, and in this instance, we left with an overflowing car! Jennifer even made us chocolate chip cookies for our visit to go along with truffles and scrumptious strawberries. Felt like the carpet was starting to turn red (think hollywood not smashed fruit).
Both Patrick and I were born in the early 70’s. This collection was reminiscent of our childhood. Very much like a time capsule from the late 60’s to the mid-80’s. The clothing had little wear. After four hours, we couldn’t fit any more in the car and headed home. Picked up 400 more hangers on the way.

clothes in living room
We unloaded the car and started creating our wash piles. Patrick took the graveyard shift while I took the morning shift. Our apartment became ‘Wash-World’ for about 48 hours and then it was on to ironing, hanging, tagging and photographing. With one week of shopping we came home with about 600+ garments along with many accessories and vintage decor items. Some of these items are headed to the dry cleaner and others are being held back for ‘fall’ inventory along with items for our new addition/second shop coming October ’14. More details to come late summer!
It can be a challenge to take a beautiful picture of a pile of clothes so we decided to bring up the rolling dress forms and coat rack to our living room and start dressing them. These pictures are just a sampling of our new-to-the-shop vintage pieces. All have been carried down as they hang prettily on the rack for their new owners. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh man!! Loving the letterman jacket and a bunch of the dresses! How long til the new inventory is on the floor?

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