1930’s shoot – behind the scenes

30's BHTS 10I sit here typing… and I am tired. Whew… getting ready for a photo shoot is work but sewing, creating and planning for a shoot is another story! I was up until 11:30 last night sewing getting ready for our 1930’s theme shoot for very early this morning.
Before each Couve Couture Fashion Show we do a photo shoot giving our creative team and models great pictures along with having a trial run before the show. The challenge is that being co-planners of Couve Couture and having an increase in business (thanks to Great Gatsby), it has been a challenge to modify vintage pieces for this 30’s concept. Before work and after work has been about designing and modifying the last few months.
The 30’s had the most amazing fashion! Elegant dresses and fun/casual menswear. I thought the idea of modifying mens wool pants that were too short for the common man into knickers could be fun! By modifying the pants it gave me enough material to create matching bow-ties. Well, if I am going to do this for the gents, I might as well do this for the gals! Knickers, bow-ties, ascots…. can it get any better. Well, maybe. I decided that the well dressed woman might like an elegant outfit so I started modifying fur coats that were well beyond repair into collars and clutches. Fortunately these accessories went with some beautiful 1930’s dresses that needed some stitching, zipper and snap love.
We had an exceptional team to make this idea a reality. The shoot was on-location at the Empress Estate in Woodland Wasington. This place is amazing and the owners are incredible! Hair done by Ashley Cheri and make-up by Meghan Hamilton, Photography by Mark Daniel Muzzy and video by Bobby P. and Kenneth Luba of Beyond The Eye Video, Julie Smith…. my ‘look’ assistant and models; Sam, Terra, Maddie, Weston and Kamyar. An amazing, talented and beautiful team!
These are the behind-the-scenes photos. The ‘pro’ photos will come soon…

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