Snow inspired head pieces

20's HP 2:9 3I spent my ‘Arctic Blast’ Monday creating 1920’s inspired headpieces. Maybe I should re-name the weather storm to ‘Feather Blast!’ At least that is what our home looks like when I make these. Snow, freezing rain, ice…. they make for quiet days at the shop. Spent many hours cleaning and setting up new displays. I was excited to camp out at home with all my new feathers, beautiful jewelry pieces and a full day to create. Many of you have asked about one of my order of feathers… 25# or 2.5#? Neither. Ended up being 25 feathers. Most expensive feathers I have ever purchased, however, very beautiful.
Made 13 headpieces for the shop… just in time for another 20’s themed event this weekend. If it is a head piece you need, I am here for you! All are one of a kind using vintage jewelry pieces.
Took these out in the snow. Enjoy!

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  1. Have you made a lot of sales from the SHARE house dinner that is tomorrow night? Just curious how many of the (hopefully) lots of beautiful headpieces I see tomorrow night will be yours. Thanks!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for sending people my way! It has been an interesting group of people coming in to look after seeing your link to our website. We just love getting new people in the door and these local events really help. For this event more than any other, I have had more people unsure what they want to do and they just want to see what their options are. I have rented a few dresses to ladies attending and have sold some head pieces. I am guessing that tomorrow and Saturday may bring some last minute people in as they finish their outfits. Hopefully my headpieces have a certain look and you will be able to spot them in the crowd:) Thank you again for supporting and promoting local business!!!

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