1920’s Headpieces

HF 1I has been a busy season! So thankful that the 1920’s has become a current day trend for themed events; holiday, weddings, balls, birthday parties, school dances, fund raisers, and the list goes on. I am thrilled that we have become a destination for 20’s style rental dresses along with (for purchase) clothing and accessories for men and head pieces and jewelry for the ladies. I love that my biggest challenge has been finding enough time to make more headpieces as we sell so many each week.
I try to make 10-15 per week giving clients new options when they come in. Each is unique with vintage jewelry pieces and re-claimed beads from vintage and antique necklaces that have broken over time. One of my biggest challenges has been finding the plumes locally for these pieces…so….I ordered nearly 600 feathers yesterday ensuring that I will have enough feathers for the months and events ahead. I even went so far as to order a 25 lb. box of local, cruelty free bird feathers that have been hand cleaned and frozen for preservation. Knowing I have 600 other feathers coming, I am kind of hoping they made a typo and it is 2.5 lb.
Enjoy looking!

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  1. Alisa! #9 pink has the white beads that I gave you! What a thrill! I love that things are going so well for you and your store! You are a very special lady! I still have a month to go before I start driving again. I had a knee replacement right before Thanksgiving. Would love to see you, so will call ahead when the time comes!

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