Behind the Scenes Photos

The first of many photo's

The first of many photo’s taken by Mark. Models: Jordan and Wesley

Yesterday was our big ‘Escape’ 1920’s Editorial Fashion shoot. Local fashion photographer Mark Daniel Muzzy, and I, started collaborating on this concept shoot two months ago. We held on-line model auditions and with 57 submissions in just a few days, we found our top nine. What an amazing group of people. Beautiful on the inside and out. Recreated and modified vintage clothing, check. Accessories, check. Models, check. Photographer, check. Now for the details to make this shoot ‘Epic’…..

We added to our team Sarah Adams of Studio 77 and Ashley Rauch for hair and make-up. Wardrobe and set assistants; Julie Smith, Anna James and my husband Patrick who styled the guys and Photo assistants; Janelle Bell and Ashley Ward.

Can’t have a 1920’s themed shoot without classic Model A Fords and a greyhound dog! We are thankful to Diane Woodman who is a part of the Volcano A Club who allowed us to use her classic beauty along with one more car from her club. Stephanie brought Radley the Greyhound. Radley was the best dog for this shoot! So glad our project was her first fashion debut.
The location was the most difficult to find. We wanted something classic, with property and somewhere local. The first two locations didn’t work out and in the final days before the shoot, Hali, who has been modeling the 20’s clothes previous to this shoot helped us out by finding the perfect location out in Ridgefield WA. The home belonged to her father who was gracious enough to allow us to take over the garage, portion of their home and their property around the home. It was absolutely perfect!

We met at my shop at 4:30am and then headed to our shoot location. We arrived in the dark but as the sun started to say ‘good morning’ the fog started to appear. We could not have asked for a more perfect morning for this shoot. We had a short window of time to get in as many fog shots as possible. By 2pm, hundreds of great photos were taken and it was time to pack up. This was my fourth concept shoot to organize from beginning to end and I have to say this was the easiest one yet. Helped to have such an amazing, talented and beautiful team. Here are some behind the scenes pictures I took from my phone. Mark’s photos will be posted in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh man! These turned out AMAZING! Where was the location? That’s a great spot! Way to go, Alisa.

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