‘Escape’ to the 20’s

Hali g&b 1For those of you who have visited our shop in the last 2 months, you have seen some of my creations and re-creations for our upcoming shoot this Sunday, September 9th. The original plan was to have these 20’s themed outfits walk down the Couve Couture runway in October but due to location issues just recently, the show is now planned for April 2014. Before each fashion show, we do a photo shoot. We had already put so much effort into the clothes and accessories that we decided that ‘the shoot must go on!’

This has been such a fun project. With the popularity of Downtown Abby and The Great Gatsby, 20’s style and fashion has become very popular for weddings and I am predicting, Halloween costumes, Christmas themed parties and New Years Events. It is difficult to find true 20’s clothing due to most of the garments being made of silk which is a beautiful fabric but doesn’t hold up over time very well. We have at least 10 requests per week from customers looking for 20’s outfits and accessories. Since the originals are difficult to come by and VERY expensive if you do find them, I figured I would re-create the 20’s look from dresses made in the 80’s and 90’s. So far, I have re-created 14 dresses along with many head pieces. Fringe has become my new best friend. After the shoot, some of the dresses will be for sale, a couple will go back into my collector vault and most will be available for rent.

We have been collaborating with the incredibly talented fashion photographer Mark Daniel Muzzy since June. We did model casting and with 57 entries, we chose our top 9; 7 gals and 2 guys. This will be a concept, editorial shoot with the goal of submitting to high end fashion magazines. The theme: Escape. These 9 individuals are escaping the big city for a weekend at an estate in the country. Each is married to, related, friends and so on. To help make the pictures believable we have added three Model A Fords, a greyhound dog named Radley, fog machine and a local writer who is creating character stories for each model. Our large team of hair and make-up artists, assistants photographers, and models will meet very early on Sunday, 4:30am to be exact, and then drive up to a beautiful estate in Ridgefield, Washington. Going to be a long and wonderful day of shooting. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate. Whew!

I will make sure to get some behind the scene photos up from the shoot and then the official, pro photos will be up in the days and weeks to follow. Enjoy!

If you would like to see the dresses and head pieces before the shoot, they will be on display for Art Walk First Friday, September 6th, 6-9pm as well as Saturday, 11-6.

Would like to say a special thank you to Hali who modeled the dresses for me as they were completed, to Jacqueline who modeled them in their ‘before’ stage and for Joan and Julie who brought to me some of these amazing dresses.

Hali floral 2

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  1. You are absolutely amazing!

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