Getting Ready – Dress #3-8

It has been an intense and very busy two weeks for me as I attempt to remodel 14 vintage dresses for our upcoming fashion show on April 13th – Couve Couture. As of today I have 8 dresses done, 4 almost done and 2 that need a lot of love. It is a good feeling to be half way knowing that our photo shoot is in 3 weeks!

There are many challenges when remodeling vintage clothes. #1 working with fragile fabrics, #2 knowing that once I cut, I can’t go back and probably the biggest challenge, #3 finding a person with the right measurements to wear that dress. The dress I was most worried about, after 20 hours of re-creating, has a 27 in. waist and a 34DD bust. Fortunately I had just the right Cinderella who was 2 inches short for the official Couve Couture Model Auditions. She fit into this particular dress perfectly. This ‘Buttercream’ dress needs a little more love and hope to be able to post pictures soon.

Well, enough words and onto the pictures…

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  1. These are amazing!! You are so talented!!

  2. I love getting to see the works in progress…you are one talented girl…darn your buttons…!

  3. Well what can I say except that you can see into the future. The dresses look so amazing. You are a gifted person.

  4. You are so talented it’s crazy!!!!

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