Getting Ready – Dress #2

2 dresses complete. 4 almost done and 6 more to go before March 31st!

Once I modified the first dress (previous post) I saw dress #2 with new eyes. The neckline was fabulous and if I could remove the sleeves and length, it would come alive. So, that is what I did. I removed the sleeves and 10 inches from the length where there was staining on the fabric. All hems are hand stitched. As I began to iron the dress I discovered a lot of extra thread. Couldn’t believe I had missed this section of the dress! Apparently it had been ripped and the owner decided to do some embroidery-like stitching to try and match the flowers in the design. Knew it couldn’t walk down the runway like that! Hmmm, outside pockets or florets?

Here is where the next 4 hours were spent. I used the fabric from the removed length and sewed many, many triangle sections and longer lengths. Once flipped and ironed, I sewed them together in a flower formation creating 6 florets to cover the damaged areas along with a sewn blue and white strip from the removed length. Wanted to create the feel of a ribbon cascading down around the dress. I am happy with it! Now to finish the hair piece.

The final set of pictures is from this last Sunday. Brett (owner of Beigeblond Salon), his co-worker Katie, Seth Aaron (Project Runway Season 7) and I were asked to be the ‘fashion police’ on the red carpet at the Oscar’s on-screen party at The Kiggins Theatre here in downtown Vancouver. It was a lot of fun playing the part of Joan and Melissa Rivers. I have added a few pictures for you. I needed a hair piece for the event so I made one the night before. This is the style I will be creating for my models for the fashion show. Notice the amazing vintage, full-length, red fox jacket…. Marian lent it to me for the night. Definitely kept me warm as the sun went down outside. If you love it and have to have it, it is actually for sale.

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  1. Love all that you do! Can’t wait to see it all one together for the fashion show in April.

    • Thank you Brandy! I am excited to see it come together as well. Everything looks so different when the outfit goes on the model and my team of hair , make-up and nails do their magic along with adding the accessories. Looking forward to seeing the visions in my head come to real life!

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