We ‘LOVE’ February

Valentine Boxes I have been waiting patiently for February first to put these amazing, vintage Valentine Candy Boxes out. I did a little research on these candy containers. Come to find out that John Cadbury was one of the first chocolate makers to package candies in a heart shaped box in the 1890’s. Since then the size and style has changed in so many ways. These particular boxes are from the 50’s and 60’s. All are unique in color, lace, flowers and ribbon, most of which came from Brown and Haley which started in Tacoma WA. in 1914. Little Fact: In 1923, Brown and Haley hit the jackpot with a crunchy, log shaped candy piece suffused inside with butter and coated with chocolate and diced almonds. This delicious buttercrunch confection was dubbed ALMOND ROCA®. So many wonderful items came from and are still being created in our wonderful state.

St. Valentines is such a fun day full of ‘I heart you’ cards, candy and love-ly gifts given to the ones we admire in life. If you are looking for something unique, We have a shop full of all kinds of ideas for you; mens ties, clips and pins, ladies purses and all kinds of beautiful jewelry, locally created cashmere scarves and headbands made from vintage cashmere, reclaimed jewelry by local, Tony Krois, vintage bar-ware and so much more. Gift Certificates are also a great gift, especially when placed in a vintage chocolate box!

Between February 5th and February 14th, our following items will be on sale: In-stock fascinators (floral hair pieces) 25% off, Sweetea Girl Necklaces – Buy one and get the second for 50% off, all brooches 25% off and of course our 50% off our sale shelf and clothing rack that is always having new items added to it.

We will be open Tuesdays – Saturdays, 11-6. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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