Animalistic Whimsy Photo Shoot

I thought I would share some pictures with you from our photo shoot held at The Covington House in Vancouver WA, 10-14-12. This was our trial run for all 14 models, 2 hair stylists, 2 make-up artists and 2 photographers for the Couve Couture Fall Fashion Show, 10-20-12. Ladies hair done by Ashley Cherie, Ladies make-up: Kandie Smith, Guys make-up and hair by Katelyn Carbajal and Brett Allred of Beigeblond Salon. Color photography (also did our Mad About Plaid shoot): Leslie Carpenter of May Faith Photography. Black and White Photography by Julian Nelson.

When I started to share with friends, family and customers what I was dreaming up in my head for the show, they looked at me a little funny, not really understanding my vision. Once I made the first mask and paired it with the jacket and clothing, then they started to get it. With Halloween, Mardi Gras and Vampire Ball ahead of us, they are a fun one-of-a-kind accessory that when placed on the face, change one’s personality. My inspiration for making these masks was the jacket, except for the pheasant, which came from her dress. After the mask was made then it was time to start dreaming up the hair and make-up. Many hours were spent pairing up the model to the animal taking into consideration personality, size, hair and face shape. We wanted to go very artistic with both the hair and make-up to create the persona of each animal.

I had so much fun making each mask. As I would create, I would have a close-up picture of the animal on my computer screen. My home had feathers everywhere. Husband Patrick was very patient with me through the creative feather storm! The snow owl was my final creation. Rewarding to see in front of me what I had created in my mind but also a little sad that I had made my last one. The encouragement I received from my customers was incredible. Quite a few of the masks and jackets had been sold before the show with the agreement that they had to wait until after the show to pick them up.

Couve Couture Fall Fashion Show: What an AMAZING night! I am still on cloud 9. To have a sold out show filled with supportive people, brilliant designers and my own crew of models and artists, was and is the highlight of my year. Already working on a Spring Show with Seth Aaron. Hmmmm…. what should I create?

Here are the photos from our shoot…


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  1. Loved the photos! You are so creative! We are in CA with our daughter, but I definitely don’t want to miss your spring show!. Isn’t Kandi amazing!! I worked with her at M&F when we were with LancĂ´me.

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