Autumn is in the air at Most Everything

Soooooo love this time of year. You can smell ‘autumn’ in the air. The leaves are just beginning to change, the air is getting a little more crisp and my scarves, boots and jackets from my closet are starting to call my name. I talk to them every morning letting them know that I will take them out to play real soon! I don’t think I have to mention how much I LOVE PLAID…. even did a photo themed shoot with it! You will be seeing more from our shoot very soon in our promotional/marketing materials.
We have been stocking up for fall and have a terrific selection of guys and gals leather jackets, amazing Pendleton’s and snappys, classic ladies dresses and skirts and all kinds of fun vintage jewelry, handbags and hats to accessorize your fall outfit.

ATTENTION: GET OUT YOUR CALENDAR/DAY-TIMER/SMART PHONE…… This Friday is Art Walk and Saturday is the official gala for the newly renovated Kiggins Theatre in Downtown Vancouver. We are so proud to be a sponsor for The Kiggins event… specifically because we get to dress up! If your beautiful clothes are calling out with a deep desire to be worn. This is your opportunity to make them happy. I will post specifics for the event on Thursday.

There have been quite a few occasions where I have needed to be at the shop on Tuesdays to meet with brides for their custom fascinators. I have been amazed at how busy we are on TUESDAY, of all days!  As a result, we are now open Tuesday – Saturday, 11-6. Hope to see you soon!

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