Owls like FREE BEER! How about you?

Not only does Hootie the Most Everything owl like FREE BEER, but he LOVES delicious, Mt. Tabor Beer! You can get a FREE BEER too! Spend $25 or more in our shop this Friday, actually every Friday, and we will buy you a beer at Mt. Tabor which is located right around the corner on 9th street, 4-9ish pm. In case any of you are worried, no beer was wasted while taking this photo.

This Friday (August 3rd) is the biggest Art Walk of the year… Art in the Heart, Downtown Vancouver’s annual festival of the arts. All the galleries spill out onto the streets Friday evening, 5-9pm and on Saturday, 10-4. Enjoy incredible, local art, live art demonstrations and music. Come meet local artists Daniel (DaBat), an incredible abstract artist and Linda Roetker, maker of Green With Envy Handbags, as they showcase their creative, artistic talents outside our store Friday, 6-9.

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