Mad about Plaid

I love ‘fall’ in the Pacific Northwest. I love ‘fall’ fashion and I absolutely love plaid. I have been dreaming of doing a plaid themed photo shoot since last year. For the last several months I have been treasure hunting for items, and as I found them, to the back office they went. Have to say… it is amazing how many varieties of plaid there are out there. Found a cute pair of plaid flats and a few plaid suitcases in hopes that at least one skirt, shirt or dress would match with them. Maybe not perfectly, but pretty close. I teamed up with some amazing locals to help pull this idea together; 7 models (plus myself) Leslie Carpenter/photographer, Chelsea Smith/photographer, Ashley Rauch/hair stylist and make-up artist and Chelsea Gaya who helped me style the models.

Had been planning this event for over a month but did not plan on the raindrops that fell from the sky the morning of. Nobody said anything about rain! We pulled down the plaid umbrellas from the ceiling added some jackets and made the most of it. What a blessing these drops became. The purpose of this photo shoot was for my fall marketing materials. Nothing like a little rain to create that feel. We originally were going to take the pictures down at the ‘village’ cabins at Fort Vancouver. Due to the weather we moved over to the Fort gardens so that the models wouldn’t have to walk in wet ground in heels and boots. Ended up being perfect. At least the models weren’t in wool in 95 degree weather! Don’t think they would ever speak to me again.

My first business back in 2000 was Stonefield Photography and Gallery. I am used to being on the picture taking side of everything. This shoot was a challenge for me because I didn’t know what was in the camera or what had been captured. So proud to be surrounded by those I can trust with a vision. After a long day; photo shoot, working at the shop, dinner with family and a celebratory glass of wine with Chelsea/stylist, I had a chance to see some of the pictures that had been posted. I cried… they were so good and I was so proud. Already planning the next concept shoot! The reviews from the public of these photos has been amazing. Already have a local magazine wanting to use them in a spread for their September issue. More pictures to come soon. Until then you will have to enjoy these as you dream about plaid. If you don’t have any, don’t worry. Come and see me because I now have plenty to choose from here a the shop, maybe even two pieces that match. Cheers!

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  1. love all these. I want
    that blue jacket!

  2. It is at the shop waiting for adoption:) Would fit you perfect! Around a size 6.

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