Fashion Show!

Some things old, some things new and some things just created. Check your calendar, call a girlfriend and come join us this Friday, August 5th for our second annual Wearable Arts Benefit Fashion Show. The event coincides with Art Walk First Friday, Art in the Heart (downtown Vancouver’s annual Festival of the Arts). There is an extra big focus on local artists and designers as they showcase their abilities and art on the sidewalks throughout the downtown area, Friday the 5th, 5-9pm and Saturday the 6th, 10am – 4pm. Many will be selling their ‘one-of-a-kind’ creations. To add to the festivities, there will be an outdoor fashion show on 9th and Main St. We are very excited to be a part of this event showcasing vintage clothing from the 50’s. Together with Swoon and Beigeblond hair studios, we will have 10 models with 20 outfits to walk the runway. These terrific outfits come from our stores and will be available for purchase after the event. The show will also include live music, 20 additional models showcasing local designers, local clothing retailers, jewelry and accessory makers and two additional hair salons.

The show will start at 7pm. 150 tickets are available for seats. By purchasing a ticket you will get the enjoyment of sitting while watching the show, however, you are more than welcome to stand and watch. Tickets are $10 each or 2 for $15. All proceeds go to our local Mosaic Arts Alliance. I have a limited quantity of tickets available. If you would like to have me hold one, two or more for you, let me know. I will be in our store Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Please get back to me Alisa! I went to your website more than a month ago and haven’t heard from you yet….there! enough of that from me!
    I will forward this to me daughter Kelley who is coming up for a car tour on Saturday and a car show on Fort Vancouver Way on Sunday. I think we would both enjoy coming down so I will forward this to her.
    My question was: do you ever consign or buy or trade vintage or “mid century” LOL since that is when I was born…items? I have a few things in mind.
    Miss seeing you and Kimberly!
    Sharon clark county newcomers club

    • Hello, hello!:) I have been playing catch-up today. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I sent a message answering your question but I don’t know if it went through. In terms of my phone….. my splitter unit that allows me to plug in my credit card machine and phone went on the fritz. Every time I use the credit card machine I have to change cords. Occasionally I forget to change it back to the phone. Sorry about that. If you end up coming down the next Friday of Saturday you should definitely bring your purse and shoes. I am sure we can work something out. I talked to Kimberly last week. It is hard for us to escape our stores when we work every day and pretty much the same hours. She seems to be doing good. I am looking forward to combining forces with her as we put our outfits together for the fashion show on Friday. Should be a lot of fun. If you aren’t doing anything you should definitely come. It is going to be a great weekend! Talk to you soon Alisa

  2. I wasn’t sure the other message went through. When I sent the one today it took me to another site to finish up! Friday night will be my day with my daughter as she will spend the weekend with her dad and the car. Sounds like a lot of fun to me…perhaps with happy hour at Grey’s first! I will let you know about the tickets as soon as I hear from her. Sounds like you and Kimberly are keeping busy which is a wonderful thing1

  3. How do I get two tickets for Friday evening??

  4. Do you want a credit card in case I don’t get down until Friday evening? Do you want to see the shoes and purse in case you may want it for the fashion show? Size 7 shoe and not many people that size anymore…

    • Hi Sharon, Someone will be in the shop all day on Friday, mainly me and I will have the tickets here on hold for you. You can just swing in on your way to the fashion show. I have my girls bringing in their own shoes for the show to save on the stress of finding the perfect size footwear for 8 models! They know what’s comfortable:) I still want to see them. Definitely bring them in with you:) See you soon, Alisa

  5. Sounds good! Kelley and I will be downtown around 5. I was thinking of having happy hour at Gray’s first. Any other suggestions? Can’t wait for you to meet my daughter…she is visiting from California.

  6. Hi Alisa! I was at your store just today and i got that gorgeous purple blouse! As soon as I wear it I’ll post it my blog and I’ll link it to your blog!

    I like the way you have rearranged your boutique, so pretty!
    You are welcome to follow me and leave comments! I really need vintage expert opinion on my outfits! Can’t wait to hear from you!

  7. We were so happy to have seats for your fashion show. We loved the outfits, and your models were delightful! We did leave early as it seemed there were a lot of glitches. A lovely evening though!

    • Miss Sharon,
      It was so good to see you. Sorry it was so busy and I wasn’t able to visit with you or meet you daughter. Thank you for coming. I had a lot of fun putting together my portion of the show. Beigeblond did a fantastic job on the hair and Krystal from Humble Bug provided the most amazing and beautiful jewelry. I should have some good pictures to post soon.
      This was a good learning experience for me. Looking forward to planning the next one which will hopefully be the ‘talk of the town.’ in a good way:)
      Thank you for your support of Most Everything. Hard to believe that our one year anniversary is coming up soon. Working with Mt. Tabor to have their grand opening celebration with our one year celebration.
      Hope to see you soon;)

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