Lava Lounge… Opening this Friday, May 6th!

Lava Lounge... In the Beginning

Well, after a couple of months of white and red paint…. and time…. we are ready to open the lower ‘Lava Lounge’ which is the first half of the basement. It will be full of vibey, hanging swag lamps, coffee tables, chairs, vinyl and table lamps.  The grand opening will be Friday, May 6th during Art Walk, 5-9pm. This room will be a big part of ‘Vintage, Vinyl and Vino’ nights that will be coming soon as exclusive events to members of our Most Everything Family. If you are receiving our site up-dates, then you are definitely part of the family.

To help us celebrate on Friday,  Chris Reed and Cindy  Gianchetta of SweeTea girl will be here with their hand made photography and resin art. SweeTea girl is a collaboration between Chris Reed & Cindy Gianchetta. Both are lovers of many art forms that they are able to fuse together. Their playful talents and assorted tastes come together into simple yet clever pieces. Chris, who has lived in The portland/vancouver area for over 12 years, is a well rounded culinary professional who has worked under and with great chefs and restaurant owners. Cindy has lived in Vancouver for 3 years, and is currently studying green and sustainable business management. She is influenced by her background in interior design and her love of all things northwest.

In other news, we have some new members to add to our owl family here at the store. I have named them all…. Mama Margo the Mug with her peeps; Spencer, Olyvia, Howard, Huey, Oscar, Mertle, Babette, Arthur, Beatrice and the shy one hiding on the right is Harriet.

Mama Margo and her Peeps

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  1. You are so cute and clever Alisa! So sorry we will still be away for the Friday walk. Lava Lounge?? Looks great and I see you did get the stairs moved. How fun!

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