New Found Objects

Need an old Typewriter or your very own Trav-L-Bar? The Brother t ypewriter is in great condition, just needs a new ribbon. Small enough to carry just about anywhere. You don’t need a wi-fi code at your local coffee shop for this one! I can pretty much guarantee you that the sound of the keys will clear out the cafe and you can have the place to yourself. Only $20. The Trav-L-Bar is from the 60’s and in amazing shape. Now you can have your own personal mini-bar anywhere you go. Don’t know that the boss will like it too much. Who knows, you might get a raise for bringing it to work. The right side of the case has straps to hold in the bottles of alcohol and the outside has a padded black and white vinyl front. Even comes with a key to lock your personal bar from those co-workers who think they can serve themselves. Only $58.

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