The week of the owl

If you like owls, this is just the beginning

As we are out treasure hunting, we are finding it more and more difficult to find owl items. With as many owls as we send out the door with their new owners, I do know that they are favorite amongst many. Every time we go out we seem to end up with a theme. For example, one day it will be porcelain cat after cat on a shirt after cat on a mug, or cool vintage leather, fur or military Ā jackets. This week… heaven opened up and the angels rejoiced as we found owl after owl after adorable owl. I meant to group these 25+ owls together for a family picture but with my excitement to get them displayed all over the shop, I had to settle with a few snapshots here and there. As I type this, two of the new owls have just left with their new owners.

GOOD GNEWS (Remember Gary Gnew?) We are expanding! We are adding the basement space to our street level space. We will start painting this weekend and hope to have it ready by First Friday in April. This extra space will allow us to have more vintage clothing, furniture and SPECIAL EVENTS. We are working with Kimberly up at SWOON (Antiques and Vintage) just around the corner from us on 1006 Main Street. These exclusive events will be filled with swankiness, vinyl and all that is vintage. Think 1960’s cocktail party.We are looking to plan our first invitation only, evening event for April. If you are interested in being a part or learning more, just sign up to receive our blog updates or stop in the shop to share your enthusiasm.

MORE GOOD GNEWS! Mt. Tabor Brewing will be opening up across the street (next to Gallery 360) from us sometime in May. We are excited for the new microbrewery/tasting room and all the deliciousness it will bring to the downtown area. Also, a new store called The Vintage Connection is opening soon around the corner on Main Street next to Old Town Antiques (three-story antique mall). With these new stores opening and the farmers market starting up this weekend (March 19th & 20th), Downtown Vancouver can definitely offer a day filled with delectable food and drinks, great shopping and entertainment. Set aside a day and come see why we have made Vancouver our new home. We think you will like it. Cheers!

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  1. Love, love, love this shop and its owners. Real genuine folks with great taste in vintage clothing and mid-century decor. I am so excited for the new space downstairs and all the fantastic new events and happenings of downtown. We are lucky to be here to witness your success and in the process get some really sweet treasures for ourselves. Thanks for having and eye for cool stuff and thanks for just being cool!

  2. You and Kimberly worked so hard to make our Newcomers consignment and thrift group such a success! We all spoke at lunch and decided downtown Vancouver is definitely a happening place!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Most everything and Swoon are two great shops!

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