The new guardians take their place

It is a wonderful thought, that ones creations have a life of experience. If the cute little squirrel topping the pine cone cookie jar could only tell tales of how many cookies it has seen (or nibbled on) or if the brown nut jar squirrel could tell you its favorite nut or better yet, if the owl twins from Japan could share in great detail the different foods they have put their salt and pepper on, what a fun day of sharing it would be. As of Saturday, all of our ‘Guardians’ have new homes. They all had smiles on their faces as they went out the door so I am guessing they had a good stay in our shop. The torch must be passed along to another brave group of creatures. I am proud to introduce The S & P Guardians.

Drum roll please..... proud to introduce our 'new' guardians of Most Everything. They look innocent but they are well seasoned!

We are thrilled at the response from customers during our first two months of existence. The enthusiasm and encouragement has given us great hope for the months and years ahead. What makes us even more delighted is when these visitors come back with a friend to share in the shopping and hunting adventure. For those who don’t live close, thank you for being a part of our on-line story.

We have had on-line visitors ask regarding specific items they see in pictures and if they are still available, if we can hold them for in-shop viewing and if we can ship. We are very happy to say yes to these questions. As I post items on our ‘Found Objects’ page I will make sure to list the price and we will soon be setting up a pay-pal account to accommodate out of area shipping. If you have any questions regarding what you see, please do not hesitate in sending us an e-mail, or giving us a call at the shop, 360-828-7211.

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